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# 1 bugs from the game
01-20-2010, 12:33 AM
This is my experience from the game.

1. When I beam to planet it will transform my ship and not me + if this happens I cannot sometimes get my officers to the ground and cant hail them to join. Then I need to beam back to space and try again if it works.

2. "bug" happens usually when lasers start to fire on the ground,the game crash,might be only my computer? who knows :S but it happens only always when there is lots of laser fire..

3. "bug" is on ground pvp. Players can use 2 weapons when you press "z". First they shoot on primary weapon for example some kind of knotout weapons and then they press z and take the secondary weapon and use again the weapon special skill,wtf ? this is ******** thing to do no point in pvp when you can use 2xspecial skill on bouth weapon,I would recom to use somekind of cooldown to weapon fire if you change your weapons middle of fight.

4. thing what I have noticed that when you look that frend list and add someone to the list and try to press warp to him it dosent work,dont know if this is a bug or it is just disabled atm.

5. thing is that when you have joined to "guild" and go to fleet ,message of the day it is all messy and over with some other information and cant just read it,it goes like top of another text.

6. thing is the "pet" or what ever is that stone when you press it you can heard sound "grrr" and you get your hp back. If you press it over and over the pet will grow so large that it can fill a whole room =),and when you move with so hug pet in your hands that can be problem to other players.

7. on sirius sector? there is still html tags before the name,like example <align right> regulus sector or something like that.

Maybe this is same thing as sayed before on other threads but this is just my game experience

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