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# 1 Looking for an RP Fleet
05-30-2013, 06:47 PM
Hi there.

Been thinking of expanding my RP circles to include new stories and players, and with a lot of alts -- Federation, Klingon, and now 2 new Romulan ones -- I'm pretty flexible.

I'm not fussy about which faction you play, or about Tier level your fleet is at, or how impressive your starbase is. I just want an active RP group that meets on a schedule everyone is comfortable with. I'm a big Star Trek fan of the series and movies though not really up to speed on the 2009 rebooted universe.

I am not the type to push my RP stories on top of others and am pretty willing to ride along with what you got if it is interesting. Any locale -- Drozana, Hathon, DS9, Nimbus III, New Romulus -- for open RP Is fine.

If you have any information about your fleet, feel free to send it in-game at moggiecanada.


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