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The canon TOS interior look awesome, kudos on all the hard work and careful study to get everything right! Please, More interiors packs that look like our favorite ships with familiar Bridge, Sickbay, Engineering, Ready Room, Captains Quarters, Crew's Galley and corridors.

I'd love to see:
-TWOK through Undiscovered Country: (The interior feel of the Enterprise varied greatly from movie to movie, but, maybe an interior treatment with the same familiarity layout. Maybe this could include an Excelsior bridge.)


I know this is a tall order, but, I'm just geeky enough to go and order a full Voyager interior once I earn my captain level science vessel. Just an idea, thanks.


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05-31-2013, 10:28 PM
I would love to get my hands on the NX-01 interior. I loved the aesthetics of the show and the more tactical appeal of it all. Plus it would be nice having interiors that weren't entirely way over sized. That's a huge immersion issue as well as more than a bit ridiculous looking.
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Ohh! I would love a The Wrath of Khan - The Undiscovered Country interior for the ships. Would be nice to have have the Excelsior bride as seem in The Undiscovered Country as well. And like how the TOS Constitution bride has all the background crew in TOS Uniforms, the Star Trek Movie Bridge (STII-STVI) should put them all in the Khan uniforms as those were the standard durring that timeframe.
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I would put the NX interior in any smaller ship, Miranda, Tier 2 science vessel, or escort. Of the Star Trek interior sets, to me, it was the most space-shippy looking.
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I agree. More interiors would rock, and more distinction between interiors would especially rock. I'd love to see them scaled down to a more realistic level in the Federation ships to boot. The only place those cavernous halls seem to look at him tend to be on my Oddy. EVen then, it's a bit much.

Also, I'd love to see more functionality for the inside of the ship. Minigames, special doff missions, something to make the interior of your ship, something to make it an adventure zone entirely of its own accord. It was great when they offered duty officer missions and what have you, but now you can access all of those missions from the ready room computer - meaning there's no reason for anyone to travel the inside of their ship save for asthetics. :/ I'd love to see a proper ready room attached my bridge rather than a Captain's office (or in addition to one). And restoring sound to the engineering room!!!!! They changed the look of the warp core and took all of the sound effects away. o_O

Other than that, I love the ship interiors in general. Seeing what they've done for the TOS ship and the Romulan ships, I'm just dying, dying for our Fed interiors to get a much needed makeover. And a function to choose which uniforms my crew wears, taht wouldn't hurt either!!!
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"...something to make it an adventure zone entirely of its own accord..."

Having holodeck adventures would be great, and so would visitors coming aboard to rake havoc with the crew---Hello, Q.

In any of the TV shows, at least half the action took place inside the ship,and in some episodes no one left the ship. It was also the place where character development took place.

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