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01-21-2010, 04:07 AM
Hi all,

New to the forum so hope everyone is enjoying the beta even though I've heard a few horror stories about system slow downs etc! Let's hope that the patches over the next few weeks resolve most of the underlying issues.

Just a quick question. I have a new laptop and would like to know if anyone has similar specs and is firstly experiencing any major system issues or secondly can't run the game at all.

Samsung R522
2.1GHz Core 2 Duo CPU
ATI 4330 Mobility Graphics Card with 512MB RAM
Windows 7

Please note - I'm not really interested in hearing "you should run this on a desktop" or "lolz mai machine is better than yours lol u suck" or anything in a similar vein! Honest feedback is the general gist of what I'm looking at...

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01-21-2010, 07:18 AM
Was it something I said?!
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01-21-2010, 07:20 AM
Looks like a decent mid range system for STO. You will be able to run it on low-mid range graphics, but dont push it too much past that point.

The only thing i can see in yoru system that would struggle with this game is the ATI onboard card. It's a card meant for video playback, not gaming. HOWEVER, it can still be tweaked in the graphics control panel to give you a smooth framerate while playing.
Also, make sure that card is DDR3 memory, not DDR2. If it's DDR2, you will not have an enjoyable experience playing this game at all.

Something else you can do to lessen the load on your system for STO, is in the launcher options, under advanced command line, enter: -perFrameSleep 10

This should make your card do 10% -ish less work with the game, but without any noticable degredation.
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01-21-2010, 07:28 AM
Excellent, thanks for the reply. I might get a chance to download the beta client tonight and run some basic tests to see if it will at least let me log-in.

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