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# 1 Release Notes: June 20, 2013
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Dilithium Mine Fleet Holding:

  • The fleet system has been expanded and players have access to a new Dilithium Mine holding.
    • Fleet Members can contribute to fleet projects to earn XP for their Dilithium Mine and unlock new tiers, just like with the Embassy Holding.
    • Can be compared to Embassy for time to progress.
    • The Fleet Dilithium Mine consists of a space map and an interior map with two parts. Is is located in the Beta Ursae Sector Block.
      • Completing Tiers in the Dilithium Mine's main track will cause the space map's visuals to upgrade to the next tier.
      • The Interior ground map is unlocked at Dilithium Mine tier 1.
      • Players gain access to the exterior ground map once the Dilithium Mine reaches tier 2.
    • Like the Embassy, the Dilithium Mine has three tracks:
      • Dilithium Mine (main track)
        • This track gains XP and progresses by completing tiers from the two sub-tracks below.
      • Development (sub-track)
        • The Development sub-track gains XP by completing repeatable fleet projects. Once enough XP has been earned you will be given an Upgrade special project to unlock the next Development tier. Completing this Upgrade project will grant XP for the Dilithium Mine main track.
      • Trade (sub-track)
        • The Trade sub-track gains XP by completing repeatable fleet projects. Once enough XP has been earned you will be given an Upgrade special project to unlock the next Trade tier. Completing this Upgrade project will grant XP for the Dilithium Mine main track.
    • Provisioning
      • There is a single provisioning type for each sub-track (Trade and Development) as opposed to several types found in the Starbase and Embassy holdings. These Provisions are earned by completing fleet projects. Below are items that can be purchased with the two types of Provisioning:
        • Trade Personal Requisition Provisioning
          • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles Mk X to Mk XII
          • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles Mk X to Mk XII
        • Development Personal Requisition Provisioning
          • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII
          • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Fleet Singularity Warp Cores Mk XII
          • (Ultra Rare) Elite Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII
          • (Ultra Rare) Elite Fleet Singularity Warp Cores Mk XII
    • Fleet Rewards
      • Unlock perks for all fleet members by increasing tiers in your fleet's main Dilithium Mine, Development and Trade tracks:
        • Dilithium Mine (Main Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Dilithium Mine track
          • Three tiers of Dilithium Input Discounts
          • Three tiers of the Dilithium Store Discounts (Contruction Project)
          • Daily Dilithium Mining Missions
          • Daily Ore Refining Mission
        • Trade (Sub-Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Trade sub-track
          • Three tiers of Item and Commodity Input Discounts
          • Two tiers of Improved Call Trade Freighter (reduces cooldown on Call Trade Freighter power)
        • Development (Sub-Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Development sub-track
          • Three tiers of high Dilithium and Energy Credit awarding Duty Officer assignments
          • Three tiers of Fleet Mark fleet project input discounts
          • Three tiers of special Miner Duty Officers
  • For more information on this new outpost, read this Dev Blog:


  • Adjusted Queue behavior in regards to teams:
    • When in a team only the team leader can queue for PVE or PVP queues, and they will queue the entire team
    • When joining a team, all queues a player is currently in will be dropped
    • When a player leaves a team that is in a queue, that player is dropped from the queue
    • When a player is invited to a team that is in a queue, that player is added to the queue
  • Sensor Scan is now correctly applying its damage bonus.
  • Certain NPC contacts on Romulan Embassies have returned to their posts.
  • Tachyon Harmonic, Pulsewave Assault Weapons and Charged Burst Assault Weapons will no longer occasionally fire in an odd direction when used.
  • Private Queues will no longer appear in the public queue list.
  • Queue counts will now more reliably show an accurate number of players.
  • Shaders and shader fallbacks have been generally improved.
  • The heads of players should no longer disappear when activating their EV suit.
  • Ambient audio should remain active if the player is within range of the sound and their camera isn't.
  • Added livelier ambient audio in the First City fighting arena.
  • The Elachi Walker Audio has been improved.
  • Reduced the default volume on Nadel's voice over lines so they are more in line with the volume of other voiced lines in the game.
  • Orion Interceptor and Orion Marauding Force carrier pets did now have deployment audio.
  • Deleting mail will no longer have a chance to crash the client.
  • The credits have been updated.


  • Innumerable typo fixes.
  • The boss encounters from the Nukara Invasion have been added to the queue.
    • The missions are now on the standard 30 minute cooldowns
      • Rewards have been adjusted to reflect the faster replayablity of this event.
  • All Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force missions now have proper contact backgrounds.
    • With few specific exceptions that will be addressed at a later date.
  • Mine Trap
    • Fortifying the Market building will now properly add hit points to those buildings.
  • Toward Freedom
    • Removed the ability to transwarp to the mission start location for the mission.
  • Blood of the Empire
    • Added intermediate waypoints for finding J'mpok in the mission.
    • Updated portal spawns.
    • Added an objective to improve the narrative.
    • Added some destroyed ships to the Qo'noS system.
  • Crossroads at Crateris
    • The first space map has been bulletproofed so latency should no longer prevent the mission from advancing.
  • Bigger Picture
    • The first space map has been bulletproofed so latency should no longer prevent the mission from advancing.
  • Enemy Action
    • The interrogation contacts in now refer to the proper NPCs.
  • Azure Nebula Rescue
    • Changed text, voiceover, and ship art to reference Romulan Republic ships for rescue instead of Tal Shiar.
  • Gasko Blues
    • Now scales to the players' level.
    • Hiven now has specific VO at the end of the mission.
  • The Search for New Romulus
    • Now scales to the players' level.
  • Blind Men Tell All Tales on Nimbus.
    • Boost Morale interacts now provide a contribution percentage towards completion.
    • A redundant dialogue choice with Law was cleaned up.
  • Search for New Romulus
    • Additional VO has been added for select bridge officers.
  • Test of Mettle
    • The waypoint has been moved to a more appropriate position for the start of this mission.
    • The atmospheric shake has been removed from the moon.
  • Keep Your Enemies Closer
    • You can no longer interact with the security systems after releasing the prisoners.
  • Sleepers
    • Commander N'Vek now remodulates his weapons if the borg are adapting.
    • The pirate encounters now have waypoints
  • Frozen
    • Updated the logic on the Reman guards so that if you are a Reman captain and side with the Reman Resistance they behave appropriately.
  • Saturday's Child
    • Removed a rock that was blocking main path in Saturday's Child.
  • Price of Neutrality
    • Updated the text in the tactical perk.
  • The House Always Wins
    • Changed text on door overrides to match personal mission steps.
  • Afterlife
    • Added Captain Jurlek and Lt. Doran to the barge to Gre'thor in Afterlife
    • The "gate opener" is now Lt. Doran from the tutorial.
    • There is now no way to go to "combat" with Lt. Doran's group.
    • Lt. Doran has new dialog before and after opening the gate.
    • The two sets of gates in Gre'thor now open inward and there is now a "pushing" animation accompany their opening.
  • Duties of Command
    • Science interact now only appears for science officers.
  • Second Wave
    • The invasion cutscene no longer plays prior to the Discuss the Borg Threat objective is completed.
  • Mind Game
    • A Tal Shiar recording device has been added as a reward option.
      • Players who have already completed the mission will have the option of collecting the device as part of the replay reward.
  • The Look of a Warrior
    • This mission now has the [Tutorial] flag in its title.
  • Second Star to the Right
    • A cower animation was added to Captain John Hollingsworth prior to interrogation.
    • The captain will now allow himself to be interrogated more quickly.
    • The captain's personal shield has been removed.
  • Romulan Tutorial
    • Fixed an issue where Nevala was not calling the incorrect costume.
  • The Vault
    • Added the proper VO to several Obisek contacts.
  • Temporal Ambassador
    • Tasha Yar now references the correct type of Tholian ships in the final encounter.
  • Installation 18
    • Character interactions last slightly longer to ensure key NPC's are present for their full dialogue.
  • Helix
    • Updated the ship prefix of named Tal Shiar ships to "I.R.W.";
  • Search for New Romulus
    • Added missing audio barks to contact dialogues.
  • Nimbus
    • Added a bartender store to buy items from the player.
    • Added bank and mail access to the bar area.
  • The Kuvah'magh
    • The final contact will no longer pop in combat.
  • Cold Storage
    • The Lobi Crystal on Cold Storage is no longer hidden by geometry and is accessible to players that know where to find it.
  • Tour the Galaxy
    • Players are now able to complete this mission more than once.


  • Waypoints should be properly placed on foundry missions again.
  • Elachi NPC contacts are now available for foundry space maps.


  • Ships
    • The Valdore's hull strength is now properly described in the C-Store description
    • The Qaw'Dun Bird-of-Prey now has its Shield Modifier listed in the C-Store.
    • The description for the Mirror Ha'feh Assault Warbird's reward pack now lists the correct officer seating.
    • The Guramba's Javelin is now able to charge up immediately when the ship enters Siege Mode, even if it is already on cooldown from being used previously.
      • The Javelin still cannot be fired until the cooldown is over, but it can be fully charged up prior to this time.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Fleet Mogai Heavy Warbird to gain abnormally high benefits from the Starship Impulse Thrusters and Structural Integrity skills.
    • Dominion Polaron Dual Cannons can now be used on Warbirds.
  • Fleet Updates
    • Updated all Fleet project inputs to allow fleet members to input Engineering and Operations department duty officers where you could previously only slot Engineering OR Operations.
    • Updated all Fleet project inputs to allow fleet members to input Science and Medical department duty officers where you could previously only slot Science OR Medical.
    • Corrected tooltip text in the Starbase "Provision Fleet Ships" projects for the Non-Civilian Duty Officer inputs.
      • This should now correctly state that the project requires Non-Civilian duty officers instead of Tactical department officers.
    • Updated replicator food/drink unlocks to work with Romulan bartender and chef Duty Officers
  • Singularity Powers
    • Quantum Absorption
      • This power's tooltip and Long Help now explains that the durations of the temporary hit points and shield regeneration are different.
    • Warp Shadow
      • This power no longer prevents the caster from being untargetable for a short period of time after activating Ranks 4 and 5.
      • A buff icon will now only appear for this power only when the caster enters the Perfect Cloaking state after the Warp Shadows vanish.
  • Crystalline Entity Adjustments
    • Reward Updates
      • The normal Crystalline Entity will now reward 30 marks instead of 25
      • The elite Crystalline Entity mission will now reward 60 marks instead of 40.
    • The number of targets hit by the Matter Conversion Beam has been decreased during Phase 2 and Phase 3, on both Normal and Elite versions.
    • On Elite, the following additional changes have been made:
      • Reduced the max number of Fragments that may be present on the map from 12 to 9.
      • Reduced the spawn frequency of Fragments slightly
      • Reduced the Entity's regeneration rates
  • Dilithium Store Updates
    • Tetryon Beam weapons had their prices reduced on the Dilithium store.
    • Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons were missing from Marks VI to X on the Dilithium Store.
    • Disruptor Cannons and Turrets are now available at all Ranks on the Dilithium store.
    • Mark VIII and Mark X Polaron Space weapon types are now available on the Dilithium Store.
    • Plasma Turrets, Single Cannons, and Dual Cannons are now available for Mark IV to X on the Dilithium Store.
    • Phaser Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons are now available from Marks II to X on the Dilithium Store.
    • Dual Plasma Beam Bank Mk IV is now available in the Dilithium Store.
  • Matter/Anti-Matter Warp Cores have been added as additional mission rewards to the following Starfleet missions:
    • Kuvah'magh
    • Spin The Wheel (also available to KDF, and a Singularity Core for ROM)
    • Friend of my Enemy
    • Seeds of Dissent
  • Players are now able to use a Hypospray to escape the Tholian Drone Stasis Beam.
    • This change affects both the reprogrammed drone pets from the Nukara Strikeforce Reputation as well as the Tholian stasis drone.
  • Romulan Captains now have access to a series of "Bridge Officer Applicant" Recruitment assignments which can reward Romulan or Reman Bridge Officer candidates of Green or better quality depending on the outcome.
    • These assignments will only appear in Tau Dewa Sector, New Romulus Command, and are not common.
  • Updated the descriptions of Plasmonic Leech and Power Conduit Link to indicate that they do not stack with each other.
    • This is a display change only; they were prevented from stacking in a previous patch.
  • Carrier pets no longer display specific character class categories that can equip them.
    • Only carrier pets that require a specific ship will now display these requirements.
  • Updated description text for all Singularity Warp Cores.
    • They now correctly state that they grant a flat bonus plus a scaling amount of power based on Singularity level.
  • Large and small hyposprays may now be purchased 100 at a time.
    • They still stack in groups of 20.
  • Fixed an issue where the Military Commendation Report DOFF assignment was requiring an Assault Squad Officer for increased success percentage on a Tactical slot.
    • This has been changed to using an Energy Weapons Officer instead, which is a proper Tactical specialization.
  • Jakan, a Romulan Duty Officer, did not have enough traits.
    • He has gained the Cunning trait.
  • Livona, a Romulan Duty Officer, no longer has the Founders of the Federation trait.
  • The Tholian Recluse may no longer launch twice as many Jem'hadar fighter pets as intended.
  • Temporal Beacons now require the player to be Level 11 to access their Duty Officer Assignments.
  • The Plasma Flamethrower project is now available to players that have reached Tier 5 of their Romulan Reputation.
  • Gorn are now receiving all of their species traits.
  • Romulan captains are now able to Reassign duty officers that are Romulan Republic personnel.
  • Updated the description of Power Conduit Link to indicate it can stack up to 5 times
  • KDF-allied Romulan characters would now gain Marauding reward powers properly.
  • In the Overview page of the Duty Officer window for Klingon-allied characters, the description of rank 3 of Marauding now refers to the power "Assign Raiding Party" by its actual name.
  • Techie now provides 30 points in Starship Hull Repair instead of 10.
  • Well-Travelled now appears under the "Other" section in the Passives list on the character sheet after it has been earned.
  • Romulans are now able to purchase Commendation rank Duty Officers from Centurion Velar for Dilithium.
  • Rank 4 Disruptor turrets now do damage that is in line with expectations.
  • Summoned Engineer Disruptor turrets will now have a unique appearance.


  • Slightly updated the appearance of the character Law on Nimbus.
  • Added additional head customization options for Romulans.
  • Romulan Aliengen Females to have a slightly wider range of available heights.
  • Reman female make-up patterns can now all have their colors changed.
  • The standard Romulan species will appear first during New Character Creation.
  • Resolved an issue where an NPC-only Suliban head was appearing in Tailor for AlienGen males wearing off-duty Vedek hoods
  • Female costume preset for Klingon Romulan should now appear correctly in Tailor


  • The frequency that FX icons should pop in has been severely reduced.
  • Raiding Party no longer has blank icons.
  • Updated the art for Fekihri portal death.
  • Updated the hit location for the Grappler Console power.
  • FX no longer fade out when the player zooms in their camera.
  • NPCs will now only react to a grenade when it goes off, not when it is thrown.
  • Romulan ship explosions are no longer slightly misaligned.
  • Shrapnel torpedo rockets will now fire from all proper and available torpedo nodes.


  • The Romulan Singularity UI will now update its Singularity Level display correctly when piloting shuttles
  • Made the name of the items in the need/greed window always be white to enhance legibility.
  • Made the need/greed window fit contents vertically so that when there were more than two items they did not expand beyond the edge of the window.
  • The "Color Scheme" option has been renamed to "Color Palette".
  • The tooltip of the Color Palette has been made more descriptive.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons to summon To'duj Fighter carrier pets were incorrectly using Scorpion Fighter icons instead.
  • The biography display will no longer be inconsistent.
  • Added skinning override to the region icon in the column list for the PvE windows so that it displays a Romulan ship if you're using the Romulan UI.
  • The icon for the Romulan shuttle accolade "Size Doesn't Matter" has been updated to show a Romulan shuttle and symbol.
  • Addressed readability issues with certain color schemes and duty officer/c-store listrows.
  • Fixed a bug where popup tips could appear twice, pointing to different areas of the screen.
  • Team Window Improvements
    • When you are in a space map and a teammate is on a ground map, a person icon will appear instead of a square where their ship icon is.
    • When you are on a ground map and a teammate is in a space map, a starship icon will appear instead of an empty portrait frame.
    • Players are now able to click the team window to select teammates again
    • Added a mouseover state for when a teammate is selectable from the team window
      • When they are alive and on the same map as you
    • Buff icons for teammates on the ground now fill to the right instead of the left and should no longer overlap the teammate window.
  • Improved visuals of ship HP HUD element.
  • Disabled rotation of characters on the character selection screen.
  • When a duty officer is slotted to an assigment, the frame and background will now show the correct faction art.
  • Romulans allied with the KDF will see KDF themed images for duty officer assignments that have it.
  • Updated the Featured Foundry Spotlight image and the PVE image in the Mission Journal Overview screen to show Klingon art if you are a KDF aligned romulan.
  • Updated icon for Klingon version of the "bite" trait icon so it uses new trait icon style.
  • The UI style can now be set per character.
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