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The Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack is now available in the C-Store! Open one today for new personnel and a chance at winning a Suliban Cell Ship.

Learn more about the Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack and Suliban Cell Ship in this Dev Blog.
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# 2
06-27-2013, 12:56 PM
Love the new Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack! I have already opened like plus 20 something! I would like to have my entire ship filled with these new duty officers in the future!

Since I have reached my 400 crew member max, a snag has arisen that I hope can be dealt with rather quickly. I was hoping to purchase more packs, however, currently, the only option to replace old under preforming duty officers, is to "dismiss" each one individually. This is due to the "reassign Under Preforming Officers" assignment not recognizing alined faction (Klingon/Federation) duty officer species, and now, also not recognizing the newly required duty officers, from the "Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack" released today.

Can this bug be fixed? I would really like to purchase more packs, without having to dismiss individual duty officers, with no upgrade. Thanks.
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# 3
06-27-2013, 01:13 PM
its a shame i cant buy zen. it keeps asking me to log into pay pal and saying ive got the wrong password. then when i change my password and enter all info it says to go to the bank in 3 days blah blah to verfiy account, im not traveling 30miles just to check a bank satement.

why cant i pay without sighning into to paypal like i used to do.?

ive tryed every payment option but cant seem to get any of them to charge my card.any chance of fixing this soon?

i have money and i want to give it to cryptic but all this jumping through hoops has put me off.

anyone else having problems with charging zen?

its been working fine up til now, whats the deal with this?
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# 4
06-27-2013, 08:28 PM
The big prize is bugged. You can't switch back to your other ships when you go to the bridge.
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# 5
06-27-2013, 10:10 PM
Please put out a 20% discount on this pack - i don't want to buy 100 to get the Cell - 500 doffs?

but there are like 2 on the exchange @ $230 million - and there are only a few packs too.

I don't know how well the packs are selling so I don't know if people are just keeping them - or what?

If not a sale discount would certainly spur some demand - i could also buy more with Zen.
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# 6 Doffs Full, Won't Buy
06-30-2013, 04:31 PM
Ok, a nice looking pack. But here is where Cryptic has shot itself in the foot. Even with 400 Doff slots I find it pretty hard to open the pack because my roster is already full. --> I used to be able to store doffs via mail <-- however I no longer can. So if I can't store doffs how do I open another pack? Well I can dismiss doffs and get 1 Dilithium. Oh wow! Who wants to throw their stuff away just to have the privilege of spending another $2.75 USD to throw some more doffs away at one one-hundredth of a cent?

Cryptic should either A) sell more Doff slots ($$$), B) fix the mail system, C) increase Dilithium for dismissed doffs, D) allow fleets to pay doffs into a deposit only depository, or E) all of the above.

Until they do something to fix the Doff issue I can't see this new pack selling as much as they want it to, unless they expect us to throw all of the doff prizes away and keep trying for the ship.
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# 7
12-27-2013, 08:33 AM
These boxes... is the worst thing that happened in STO ever. But what else you expect from a company like PWE who bought Cryptic and their game. Long live and prosper. Oh yeah, they'll definitely prosper hehe.
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# 8
12-27-2013, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by rushnor View Post
These boxes... is the worst thing that happened in STO ever. But what else you expect from a company like PWE who bought Cryptic and their game. Long live and prosper. Oh yeah, they'll definitely prosper hehe.
This. And then, they say cryptic "need" to gain some money to "survive"..

I cant even imagine the quantity of money they gain every day only by all these people buying duty officers packs only to have the chance of wining the price and throwing away the doofs of the pack LOL. It is just stupid. But its the way this company works (abusing from the "soft" people). Imagine the quantity of packs you need to buy, only to receive the special gift.

But.. just keep looking at your screen, you will see tons of tips saying that this guy or the other one just adquired a voth bulzwark dreadnought.. , they are so lucky.. xD, maybe they just spent about 5000 zen buying doffs packs to receive the ship.. xD.
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# 9
12-28-2013, 11:45 AM
IF you are getting a suliban/Bulwark depends on luck alone.
I know someone who ACTUALLY got a bulwark on the first pack he opened (I though he was BSing me at first)

I opened around 10-15 of those (bought them on the exchange) and the best I got was a purple mk XII antiproton mag regulator (that's the tac console that enchances antiproton damage, comes at around 30 million at the exchange)

If you tend to be quite lucky with low odds of success, then try it.
I am not really going to bother with these packs because I have terrible luck when it comes to such possibilities

The bulwark/suliban cell ship/jem attack ship are that expensive for a good reason- it means that you had to open INSANE amounts of doff packs to get your hands on them

The only situation in which you might consider opening boxes/doff packs:

1) You have the 550 free lobi from the featured episode replay event last month
Then you should open boxes/doff packs as it will cost you the same and provide you with extra stuff too (either stuff from the lock box or some nice duty officers)
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# 10
01-02-2014, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by yeswecant View Post
IF you are getting a suliban/Bulwark depends on luck alone.
I tried 2 times, because i had enough zen remaining to buy 2 packs. Then i bought other 2 making dilithium exchange. And other 2 buying the minimum zen quantity possible (i think its 500 zen or something like that). Nothing interesting. Only 10 lobis (if at least i could get a decent quantity of lobis, that will be more worthy.. but 10? seriously?). All the duty officers i got, i sold em on the exchange. A friend of mine tried about 15 times or so, nothing at all. He wasted about 40 zen or so in survivor packs, only to get nothing. xD.

And yes i am one of those that "luck" is a really unknown word, but trust me , the probabilities of getting one of those special gifts in those voxes / packs are really really really low. Is intended for people to waste a lot of real money, it always've been.

I must say the Bulwark is really cool, i love the style and the shape (but dont have any idea about the features..) but.. its not worthy to waste almost a lifetime subscription on packs to get it xDDD. I guess only rich people or just kids (that are able to get their hands on big ammounts of money) "fell" for that scam (as well as for other things, sadly), not me.

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