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I have bought the Romulan Dreadnaought 3-pack, the scimitar is my active ship. I am able to buy the the BLUE Romulan Drone ship BUT i cannot buy the "Advanced Romulan Drone" at the dilithium store!

Secondly i own ALL three Jem'Hadar ships. The Escort Carrier, Dreadnought Carrier and the Jem'Hadar ATTAC SHIP. Yet when i truy to buy even the BLUE Jem'Hadar attack ship HANGAR PET or the Jem'Hadar fighter ships IT SAYS THAT I DO NOT OWN "XXX REQUIRED JEM'HADAR SHIPS" EVEN THOUGH I OWN ALL THOSE! Never mind that i do not even see the Advanced Jam'Hadar Attack Ship & Advanced Jem'Hadar Fighters in the dilithium store.

PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP! THIS IS ANNOYING! I am life time subscriber and my toon is Romulan / KDF tactical lvl 50 Vice Admiral!

PS. I have sent multiple bug posts, WITHOUT ANY REPLIES! Also i know that i am NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THESE ISSUES OR BUGS!

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