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So...Ive been told that I should run a true aux2batt setup if I plan on getting a Jem Dread. higher weapon power, more maneuverability, higher shields, lower cooldowns, ect.

last I checked, dont the hangers rely on auxiliary power to work/launch fighters/basis for fighter power?

How could I run aux2batt with dual hangers, knowing my aux is gonna be constantly low? wont that reduce effectiveness of my fighters?

The suggestion was to run an aux2batt setup on my chimera till i can save up/get lucky and get the dreadnought. granted I can run it, but does it really help in a situation like mine where I run it as an escort/light healer?

Another suggestion Ive had is to focus on reducing times of the dreads subsystem targeting attacks instead. Makes sense, but at lvl 1 cap, is it really worth putting 3 purple energy weapon doffs in? granted its a reduction of 20 seconds a pop, but still ends up with a 30 second cooldown. doesnt seem efficient to me. opinions?
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07-30-2013, 03:34 AM
First the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier is no healer but fully optimised to damage, even with just using beams. Main weakness is that the ship is lacking boffs for sufficient healing. For shield healing i recommend to use EPtS1 with RSP2 when using A2b setup. Als use hazard emitters.

I own the ship myself and i have no problems with low aux, yes the CD timer to launch fighters again is higher, but is more then sufficient if you use the right fighters. In any case make use of very rare or ultra rare(elite) carrier pets such as elite scorpions or (reinforced) shield repair units.

To get more juice into aux you will have to invest in the correct skills like warpcore efficiency, make use of Saurian boffs with efficient trait, plasmoic leech/transwarp computer console and a (overcharged) warp core preffered with (Batt or EFF), A->W. The transwarp computer is from the advanced heavy cruiser(not retrofit) and gives 22% in warpcore efficiency skill and therefore a hidden gem if you dont have access to plasmoic leech console(before LoR impossibe for FED players). The plasmoic leech console is for sale on exchange but expensive though. BTW this an advise for all A2B setups for any ship capable of dual a2b.

this how i'm running the dread: Its not the best gear, i really recommend to use a resilient shield like maco or elite fleet shield. But ship is fun to fly due its high romulan visuals, high damage(boosted due engine with attack patterns), stealth detection(deflector) and having all set bonusses. Its capable of running elite stf's without dying but thats time to master it. Be careful with beam Fire At will due the high aggro you will get, you cant save yourself then after a minute or five.

one more thing: you can check my skill tree on stoAcademy page listed above :-)

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07-30-2013, 12:38 PM
do the saurian bonuses stack? will they stack with my liberated borg engineer? ive heard efficiency doesnt stack, which is why i ask.

I was planning on a plasma beam setup using the romulan set and fleet advanced plasma.

Already have the plasmonic leech and tachyo converter, adapted maco and maco sets. I almost think i would prefer the borg set due to the availability of emitter array embassy consoles due to improved healing matching with a regenerative shield.

Already working on the elite scorpions. debating between having both sets elite or waiting for fleet peregrines.

Warp core will be something I may have to play with. I'd like to focus on hyper elite core due to bonuses to aux and engines, while running either W>S or W>A. Also having shield heal on it would help my lack of science shield healing.
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08-07-2013, 02:03 AM
Luckily hangar cooldown time changes dynamically with aux levels instead of being based on what the power was when you used them, so it's not like you're screwed if you hit them with 1 aux. EPS consoles can make your aux power return after A2B wears off much faster as well.

Personally I don't think this ship needs an A2B set. It can double up everything it needs to run already. A2B turned a select few ships into star gods and suddenly everyone wants to shove the set onto every ship that can take it.

Consider this boff layout:

It does pretty much the same thing with just one or two ancillary toys missing. All you lose is APO, lvl 3 torp ability (should just beam boat this anyway), and global cooldown RSP. In return, you have stronger shields because you can use EP2S 2 instead of 1, more damage because you can use EP2W instead of A because you aren't constantly trying to salvage your aux power for the hangars, you can use Aux2SIF for reliable healing that doesn't even need CD reduction instead of a panic button RSP, you can use conn officers with 1 TT if you really still want a torp power, and you've just made a significantly cheaper, easier to use ship. You can also use APO1+3 if you want to take it into PvP, or just want to do less damage in PVE for some reason.

A2B is great for the Chimera, though. In fact it's one of the only saving graces for that poor maligned vet ship.

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