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# 1 my new fleet corsair build
09-10-2013, 12:19 PM
Okay here is my new fleet corsair build.

Tac Captain

Commander Enigeer Boff: Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Emergency Power to Weapons 2, Aux to Structural Intergity 2, Reverse Shield Polarity 3

Lt. Commander Science Boff: Hazard Emitters 1, Energy Siphon 1, Feedback Pulse II

Lt. Tactical Boff: Torpedeo High Yield 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1

Lt. Science Boff: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Tractor Beam 2

Bekk Enigeer Boff: Enigeering Team 1

Weapons: Fore: Elachi Wave Single Cannon XI, Fleet Advanced Distruptor Single Cannon XII, Fleet Elite Distruptor Single Cannon, Purple Photon Torpedeo Launcher X with Accx2 and Dam.

Rear: Plasma Mines, Fleet Elite Distruptor Turret, Fleet Advanced Distruptor Turret, Fleet Advanced Distruptor Turret.

Consoles: Eng: Blue RCS XI, Blue RCS XI, Fleet Enhanced Neutrium, Nadeon Detonators.

Sci: Romulan Plasma +threat Particle Generator, Romulan Plasma +threat Particle Generator, Emitter Array Green XI, Automated Point Defence Turret.

Tac: Disurptor Induction Coils blue X, Distruptor Induction Coils Blue XI.

Impulse Engines: Fleet Efficent Combat Impulse Engines with turnx2 Full, Pow.

Warp Engines: reinforced warp engines(W>A, ACAP, REP, SSS, EWS).

Shields: Fleet Adaptive Regenerative Shields (Reg, Capx2, Adapt).

Deflector: Fleet Axion Deflector Array.

Hangar Bay: Elite Interceptors or Elite Slavers depending upon moid.

Planned Changes 2 more Particle Plasma +threat Generators, dump Nadeon Dentantars and put Point Defence there, replace RCS consoles with fleet verisons which will give me total of of over 100% turn rate and over 40% hull resist just from enigeering consoles alone.

This puppy is set up more offensively then most Fleet Corsairs, between eptwx2, rcf, HYT, Feedback Pulse, and genersl high power levels, but has lots of defence with 2 shield healing powers, 3 hull healing powers and so on, and okay Control effects.

Oh and I have wing commander.

I feared that Aux 2 Structural would mess up my Aux power levels but I don't see any problems.

I'm crazy powerful now and with practice I think I will be able to try PVP again and be more competetive.
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# 2
09-10-2013, 12:22 PM
PS I turn likeca freaking escort! Not a bug ship or risian ship, but a normal unmodified tier 5 escort.

Possible Procs I have Elachi, Distruptor, Fleet Distruptor, Plasmax2, 10% more weapon energy.

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# 3
09-10-2013, 09:51 PM
Arg I put this in the wrong forum,it should be in the Klingon Shipyard.

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