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# 1 BO/Kit Skill List
01-29-2010, 10:01 PM
This list is currently incomplete.

The more up-to-date and complete information can be found at: Ground Officer and Kit Abilities and Space Officer Abilities

The way BO abilities seem to work is that they get a random selection from their pool of these abilities. Each rank has maybe a dozen or so abilities to draw from. I'm currently determining how best to begin recording this data, so we can determine what is in each rank's 'pool'.

They get 8 abilities, 2 at each rank, one space, and one ground. So by the end, its 4 space, 4 ground skills each. You cannot change these numbers with retraining, ie, 5 ground abilities.

All of these abilities can and do show up as kit abilities as well. If people could send me the listings of what skills are in their kits as they level up, that will help immensely.

  • Engineering:
    • Combat Supply: Create Combat Devices(like hyposprays, power cells and shield charges)
    • Chroniton Mine Barrier: Create Mines
    • Cover Shield
    • Extend Shields
    • Equipment Diagnostics: Cure Mechanical Debuffs and buffs resistance
    • Force Field Dome: Create Force Field Dome
    • Fuse Armor: Scaling Movement Debuff
    • Medical Generator Fabrication: Create Medical Generator
    • Phaser Turret Fabrication: Create Phaser Turret
    • Reroute Power to Shields: diverts energy from the engineer's tricorder to their personal shield generator, restoring lost energy and temporarily increasing shield damage resistance.
    • Seeker Drone Fabrication: Create Seeker Drone
    • Shield Generator Fabrication: Creates a fixed position generator that recharges personal shields for allies in the immediate area
    • Shield Recharge: Restores lost personal shield energy to you or an ally
    • Support Drone Fabrication
    • Transphasic Bomb: Creates a Transphasic Bomb
    • Weapons Malfunction{Exploit}: overloads the target's weapons, temporarily preventing the target from firing. Applies resistance to additional malfunctions upon expiration.
    • Quantum Mortar Fabrication: Create Quantum Mortar
    • Quick Fix: Cure Mechanical Debuffs
  • Science:
    • Anesthizine Gas: AoE Fragile Hold and Slow
    • Biofilter Sweep: Buffs Damage Resistance and Cures Toxic, Mental, and Radiation Debuffs.
    • Gravimetric Shift: AoE Root
    • Hyperonic Radiation{Expose}: AoE Radiation DoT
    • Hypospray-Dylovene: Cures Toxic Debuffs and Buffs Physical strength and resistance
    • Hypospray-Melorazine: Cures Mental Debuffs and Buffs Energy Resistance
    • Medical Tricorder: Provides a quick heal and a gradual heal over time. Applies the diagnosed mode on the target, which is used to improve several healing abilities. Can be used on yourself or an ally
    • Nanite Health Monitor: AoE Health Monitor(Ed. I assume this heals)
    • Nanoprobe Infestation
    • Neural Neutralizers
    • Sonic Pulse{Expose}: Creates an expanding burst centered on your location, damaging your opponents and interrupting their actions while leaving them slowed. Very high chance to knock back
    • Stasis Field{Exploit}: Fragile Hold
    • Tachyon Harmonics: AoE Shield Harmonics
    • Thermal Vent
    • Triage: AoE Heal
    • Tricorder Scan{Expose}: Increases the perception of the user and places a damage resistance debuff on targets inside the scan radius
    • Vascular Regenerator: Heals and removes bleeding debuffs over the duration. These effects are greatly enhanced if the target currently has a diagnosed mode
  • Tactical:
    • Ambush: Fragile Damage Buff
    • Draw Fire
    • Fire on my Mark: Fire on my Mark applies a damage resistance debuff on the enemy target.
    • Focus Fire: Focus Fire lowers the damage resistance of the target with each attack from your or your allies.
    • Leg Sweep{Expose}: Has a high chance of knocking back any nearby foes
    • Lunge{Exploit}: Launches you at your target, delivering a melee attack and possibly knocking them down
    • Motion Accelerator: Speed Buff and Control Immunity
    • Overwatch: PBAoE Damage Resist Aura
    • Plasma Grenade: AoE Damage and DoT
    • Photon Grenade: Photon grenade throws a grenade at the target. The grenade explodes on contact, dealing area of effect kinetic damage and knockback. It is possible for the target to move away from the blast radius while the grenade is in transit. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage
    • Rally Cry: Team Heal and Damage Buff. Damage resistance, Damage strength, crit chance, and crit severity all increased. HoT.
    • Stealth Module: Temporarily masks you from sight. Has a chance to expose nearby enemies
    • Smoke Grenade: Smoke Grenade creates a smoke cloud at the target's location that reduces enemy perception and improves ally stealth for any within the cloud effect.
    • Suppressing Fire: Slow and Damage Debuff
    • Target Optics{Expose}: Scans a group of enemies and buffs your damage, crit chance and crit severity. Has a chance to expose enemies near the target

  • Engineering:
    • Aceton field
    • Antimatter Spread
    • Aux. Power to Emergency Battery
    • Aux. Power to Inertial Dampeners
    • Aux. Power to Structural Integrity Field: utilizes auxiliary power to restore damage to the hull and provide it with damage resistance over the duration. Increases in effectiveness based on current auxiliary power level.
    • Boarding Party: Boarding Party launches up to three assault shuttles at the target. If they arrive safely, they will cause damage [to] the ship's crew and subsystems. Each shuttle launched removes 20 crew from your ship who attempt to beam back upon completing the mission.
    • Directed Energy Modulation
    • Eject Warp Plasma
    • Emergency Power to Auxiliary
    • Emergency Power to Engines
    • Emergency Power to Weapons
    • Emergency Power to Shields: Directs emergency battery power to the shields for a short duration
    • Engineering Team
    • EPS Power Transfer: Targets yourself or an ally and provides extra power from batteries.
    • Extend Shields
    • Metaphasic shields
    • Reverse Shield Polarity: Converts incoming energy weapon damage into additional shields
    • Rotate Shield Frequency: Rotate Shield Frequency slightly increases shield regeneration and provides significant damage resistance.
  • Science:
    • Charged Particle Burst: Expels a large burst of charged particles. Reveals cloaked ships.
    • Energy Siphon
    • Gravity Well: creates a spatial anomaly at the target's location that draws enemies to its center and gradually crushes their ships, inflicting kinetic damage. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage.
    • Feedback Pulse: harnesses the energy of beam weapon attacks directed against you. Each time you are hit, a damaging pulse is directed at the attacking ship.
    • Hazard Emitters
    • Jam Targeting Sensors: prevents the enemy from targeting you.
    • Mask Energy Signature
    • Photonic Shockwave
    • Photonic Officer: Photonic officer reduces the recharge time of bridge officer powers.
    • Polarize Hull: increases Damage resistance to energy attacks for its duration, and instantly ends all tractor beams on you and provides resistance to tractor attempts for a short time.
    • Scramble Sensors
    • Tachyon Beam: Drains the targets shields. Increases in effectiveness based on current aux power level
    • Tractor Beam Repulsors: Push up to 3 enemies (dead or alive) away from your starship
    • Tractor Beam
    • Transfer Shield Strength
    • Tykons Rift
    • Viral Matrix
  • Tactical:
    • Attack pattern Alpha: Attack Pattern Alpha increases the damage of your weapons, and improves your turning rate.
    • Attack Pattern Beta
    • Attack Pattern Delta: Attack Pattern Delta targets an allied ship. Any ship that attacks your ally will recieve a stacking damage resistance debuff.
    • Attack Pattern Omega
    • Beam Array: Fire at Will: Fire at Will improves your next beam array attack. The Bridge Officer fires your beam weapons at multiple targets of their choice.
    • Beam Array: Overload: improves your next beam array attack. Overloading your beam weapon delivers an extremely powerful blast, but drains weapon power and briefly takes your beam weapons offline. Only the energy type you Overload will go offline - so if you Overload your Phasers, all Phasers will go offline and not your Plasma weapons.
    • Cannon: Rapid Fire
    • Cannon: Scatter Volley
    • Dispersal Pattern Alpha[Mines]: Improves your next mine attack. Lays a series of mine clusters behind your ship
    • Dispersal Pattern Beta[Mines]
    • Security Team
    • Target Auxiliary Subsystems: Improves the Beam attack. This attack deals normal damage, but also drains Aux power and has a chance to take the targets auxiliary system offline.
    • Target Engines Subsystems: Improves the Beam attack. This attack deals normal damage, but also drains engine power and has a chance to take the targets engines system offline.
    • Target Shields Subsystems: Improves your next next beam array attack. Instructs your officer to target enemy shields. This attack deals normal damage, but also drains the target's shield power and has a chance to take target's shields offline.
    • Target Weapons Subsystems: Improves the Beam attack. This attack deals normal damage, but also drains weapon power and has a chance to take the targets weapon system offline.
    • Torpedo: High Yield: Deals massive damage, but they can be destroyed before they reach the target
Credit goes to Yogan, Fractal_Eye, Hythian for some of the definitions.
As well, Slingblade has provided some of the skills we didn't know about.
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# 2
01-30-2010, 11:44 AM
Bumping so this will get stickied. Post in here if you want this stickied!
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# 3
01-30-2010, 04:17 PM
Bump again. However, I don't think this thread may be necessary anymore, with the skill trainer and info screens on BOs
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# 4
01-30-2010, 10:57 PM
If you'd add a short description on what each skill does it would be much better than the list at the trainer.
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# 5
02-01-2010, 07:07 AM
Bump bump

Really if you know what an ability does, go to and add it! Its really simple and easy and anyone can do it.

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