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hello new player, welcome to the forums. while you are here please take a moment to read up on a few points of interest.

1. This is the first couple of days, things will go wrong, no one can prevent it, think of Head Start as open beta version 2.0

2. Q: why dont I have my pre-buy unlocks?
A: As stated, except for the Borg playable class, all pre buy rewards are tied to the retail serial key and not the headstart key, stand alone items (with their own code key) should be available for headstart, like the del taco perk, this is subject to the whims of point 1.

3. I was promised unlocks for pre purchasing this title.
A: you were given perks for buying early, it was never stated that those items would be available during the head start period, they were tied to the retail product key. otherwise everyone pays 5 bucks to load up on perks, create a character, and cancel their retail key and go buy it 6 months down the road from walmart for half the price, and simply reactivate the existing account and add the retail key.

4. the server is down!
A: see point 1

5. my quest/mission is bugged:
A: yes there some bugs to contend with. if your mission or part of a chain of missions goes wrong you have to go to your log and remove (drop) the offending mission and do it again. if you feel its a new bug feel free to send cryptic a report

6. wheres sulu?
A: both the most frequently asked question and oldest joke in STOL. Sulu is in the Admiral's office at Sol station

7. I cant find anything in this station.
A: look at the walls around doorways for location guides.

8. talk to npcs in the station

9. My machine is having problems playing the game.
A: that can and does happen, again there is really nothing someone can do with individual cases, massive reports of the same issue is one thing, but if YOUR machine, or even a handful are having a problem, dont expect much right away in terms of hard fixes. look arounf for solutions on your own, this is what the forums are about. many issues are fixable, but the devs dont have time to put out candles when the house is on fire

I'll add more as I think of it
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01-30-2010, 02:08 PM
add in also dont be afraid to ask questions
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01-30-2010, 02:20 PM
Q. Where is the xyz system/sector at?

A. The map has 3 tabs. One shows the current map you are on. When in sector space, the next shows an overview of the galaxy. Here you can see each sector block. Most sector block are broken into 3 sectors. This map is the easiest place to find things like the Vulcan sector or the Orion sector in relation to where you are. The last tab shows an alphabetical list of all systems and gateways to other sectors in the current sector block. If the place you want to go is in that list, just double click on it and you will be given the option of setting course to that system. If it is not there, then switch to the galaxy map and see if you can figure out which sector it is in. Then plot course to that sector gateway and find it from there.

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