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01-30-2010, 01:42 PM
There are a couple of things that I'd change about the game at present time.

First, connect impulse to our throttle bar the same way reverse is. I can set my throttle bar to 50% and still go to impulse. Granted, it seems to be like shifting gears, but one of the last things we need is another thing to have to point a mouse at. Include an indicator for impulse and when we're full speed, another tap of "E" will shift us to impulse 25% etc...

Second, allow us to give orders to our tactical officer regarding what ships we fire at. I dunno, we don't need an entire spreadsheet of choices, but we all know, or should know that when in combat, knock off the little guys first as a quick way to reduce dps we're recieving. It's really not fun to kill a single fighter, deal with a minor shield issue or something and then realize that we have a battle cruiser to 0% shields just as the other umteen fighters finish us off. Depending on our roles within fleets this would help as well. Maybe settings like "Pwn the little ones", "Kill mid sized then work down", "Work up from small", and maybe "GROG SMASH!!!" might be helpful.

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