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NOW that I have your attention, lol.

Anyone else feel like the added value of getting in early was pretty much lost this weekend? It should never have been listed as a feature of the $10 more version of this game. I would have been happy to wait till Tuesday, but thought I might get some time this weekend to get ahead. I feel somewhat shafted in that manner and that perhaps some sort of credit could be applied to my monthly subscription fee. I had even crazily debated on taking advantage of the "lifetime" subscription plan but now I am not sure..

Although the truth of the matter is they don't care. What if I just bought the game and just don't subsubscribe even though I was just about to drop down a couple hundred bucks. Do you think they would listen? Nah.. even if one hundred of us say they will do the same. And perhaps they will have it fixed shortly .. but we will see, and tomorrow is a new day.

(oh yeah and get in the van...)

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