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If you need good captains, we need a home. Looking for a fleet that will operate primarily between the hours of 5am and 2pm EST. We work nights so don't bother recruiting us if you don't have a group that plays during the times mentioned as our ability to participate during hours other than listed will be minimal. We are experienced MMO players, BIG Star Trek fans. I have played most of the PC star trek games that have ever been made.

Rest assured we are casual, and friendly, yet serious enough players to master our roles in the game. We will PVP, and PVE. We have our own vent server .. voice will be must for this game, but teamspeak ..not really interested in that.

We ARE NOT looking to help anyone run a Fleet ... What we are looking for is to be good little soldiers. So if you need good little soldiers believe me, you will not be dissapointed.

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