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Notice: Players please limit responses here. I'd like to make sure these guys actually read this. lol. Perhaps they will even respond, but I doubt it.

To the Star Trek Online Team.

I am not new to MMO's. I can tell you that all of us vets know and expect the launch bugs and server downtimes. You will find that we are a patient bunch and willing to accept these things for a bit while you work out the kinks. We get it. BUT.... You get alot of flaming and grief from people here in the threads for one main reason. LACK OF COMMUNICATION! I would suggest that your techs have a page that shows server status, and at least a brief idea of whats going on with the server, along with an estimated time till server is back online. This does several things. 1) Makes people feel in the loop and that you care. 2) If you announce that the server will be down for about an hour, that's time for people to run to the store, spend time with family, or watch a show. If we know how long to wait, it's easier to wait. 3) People would slow down the complaints alot. Again, that comes back to feeling like we matter and deserve to be in the loop as to whats going on.

Typical complaint about this from MMO's teams is that it takes time from the problem solving. But it does not take very long to post a message on a webpage. And the benefit of players understanding what going on, in my opinion, outweighs the few minutes it takes to post said message.

Most of YOUR player base (and source of income) sees a serious lack of communication from your team. I feel that if you address this issue, you'd find a much less hostile group of players.

There is my 2 cents.

Jack Gauge

PS Players, again, please don't spam this thread. Constructive responses only please.

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