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I love the idea of the queue but make it true and functional. Right now everything about it seems fake. Your get put in what seems to be a make believe queue, it always puts you at the last of the line for are 1255 of 1255, then it adjusts to 1220 of 1255 then on next refresh it boots you back to log in screen, then when you log in again your again in the queue but this time your 556 of 556 refresh to 520 of 556 then boot again, then log in to 1033 of 1033 refresh 1015 of 1033 to be kicked on refresh again.

The idea is nice. but dont dont blow smoke at us. Dont pull numbers out of your ass and jerk us around with falsehoods. f it doesnt work then say so...the game is great and I love it. But it truly feels like if I was this dishonest with you guys I would be banned or punished in some way.....please just be up front and honest with us.

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