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Issue #1
Server continues to disconnect players.

Issue #2
game and Login servers repeatably crash multiple times during the day.

Issue #3
I and many others paid upwards of $300 US to play STO. Just to get into Headstart and get 3 days of playtime, we paid between $60 and $80 (that doesn't include S&H for some products).


It was obvious in OB that the number of players caught you off guard. Fine, myself and other can deal with that. However, that was 2 weeks ago. The 3 days headstart that we did in fact pay for ($5 pre-order fee), is turning out to be more of an extended beta program stress testing the servers that can't handle the stress.

I would recommend that a multi server system be setup. In other words, setup 1 server for the US, 1 for EU, and 1 for Asia. For anyone who has made friends in one of these countries, they can continue to talk to each other just as players can talk to players from Champions.

I didn't pay $400 to sit in waiting q's only to get in and then be DC'd because the server isn't responding. The server is never responding. Its not just happening between maps, its happening just standing on Sol Station.

I would ask the others that post here, please not flame this or throw out random rants about how MMO X and Y are better...blah blah blah. Post your issues and how you think that it can be resolved. Flame wars and trolling doesnt get the issues fixed.


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