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Well, it's 2 days to official launch & so far my scores are as follows:

Gfx - 8/10
Sound - 7/10
Gameplay (space) - 5/10
Gameplay (ground) - 5/10
Gameplay (overall) - 5/10
Reliability - 3/10

Whilst the Gfx do look stunning & the sound is equally as good (although repetitive on the music side) The Gameplay itself is absolutely horrendous!!

More time seems to be spent staring at a loading scene than actually doing anything else & this doesn't bode well for a game which is supposed to be an MMO.
Next up we have the space combat & the way the camera angle seems to do it's own thing! Sometimes it'll track a target & you end up pointing god knows where whilst you're trying to figure out where the actual target has moved to.
Pan the camera round manually & many a time it will spring back to some random view - very fustrating to say the least!
The "Tab" Targeting.. Again, good idea but has a mind of it's own if it wants to work or not! Too often I've had it work fine on the 1st two targets then it gives up the ghost!

Next up, we have the away missions. The most annoying parts of this being your away team run into your POV (that's point of view for those not in the know) whilst you're trying to target an enemy to get the ball rolling! And when it does all kick off, they get in your way again & throw in the problem with "Tab" targeting, things get very messy!
Collision detection on the ground is also annoying - Run into a something that requires a jump & your character stops in mid run, legs splayed open!! This also happens with certain vegetation.. you'll be there dodging and diving & roll into a bush which stops you dead in your tracks.. and then the camera decides to do it's own little dance for a few seconds!!

Now most the time I can handle these types of annoyances but as we seem to stare at a loading scene at just about every turn, that is why I currently rate the gameplay so poorly.

And finally we have Reliability.. I've played many a beta game & also games at launch time & this is one of the worst experiences so far!
Constant disconnects, queues, unexplained lag spikes & unexpected server maintenance doesn't bode well for a game which is carrying probably the most recognised franchise in the world! These are all issues which should have been resolved in beta.
Throw in a BSOD which i've never had on my current build ( was caused by the game trying to do things it shouldn't be doing! tut tut) & you've got a not very happy customer!
And queues when it's just those who have the head start logging in? I hate to think what it'll be like when the rest of the community attempt to log in & are greeted by a "You are no.# in the queue".. this website will go into meltdown with people b*tching & moaning that they can log in to play!!!

If I was in charge, I'd honestly look at putting the start date back by at least 7-14 days. Sort the stability issues out, iron out the rest of the bugs & then go live. Even rename this heads up to "open Beta" & give yourself some more time.

And that's my thoughts on the current state of things.. agree or disagree.. choice is yours :p

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