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  • Dyson Joint Command reputation:
    • Added a Tier 5 mission "Unsaid Thanks".
      • Completing this mission will reward players with 750 Dyson Marks; 5 Voth Cybernetic Implants; 32,000 Dilithium Ore; 40,000 Energy Credits; a large amount of Expertise, and a special reward.
    • Players who have already reached Tier 5 will automatically be granted the mission "Unsaid Thanks" upon logging in.
      • If you don't see this mission and have already reached Titer 5, interacting with the Reputation System in some way should grant you the mission.
        • Even something as simple as slotting any project then canceling it will trigger the projects to appear.
  • A Voth Heavy Fighter shuttle has been added to the Lobi store.
  • A Voth Heavy Fighter vanity pet has been added to the Lobi store.
    • NOTE: This does not come on the playable Voth Heavy Fighter and must be purchased separately.
  • The Duty Officer Roster Slots cap has been increased from 400 to 500 slots.
    • You can purchase additional slots in increments of 25 or 100 through the in-game C-Store.
  • There is now a special event filter in PVE options:
    • This would be for special events such as the Winter Invasion.
    • Rewards for special events also display a new Reward icon in the PVE queue window.
  • The Obelisk Carrier can now be purchased after unlocking Tier 1 for the Fleet Spire.
  • Resolved an issue where the Klingon fleet spire duty officer store was selling Federation duty officers.
  • Resolved some issues with the Voth Elite Armor:
    • Chest gear and visor glow effects now work.
    • Visor now shows correctly for Gorn.
  • Choosing to skip the Klingon tutorial now correctly grants disruptor based weapons as the reward.
  • Fire At Will:
    • Resolved an issue that was incorrectly disabling Power Drain on all non-Phaser types of energy weapons.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing Fire At Will to drain power for only a single activation pulse, instead of over the entire firing cycle.
      • This was causing it to appear, for certain well-geared ships, as though no power was being drained, when it was actually just regenerating very quickly.
      • This fix now causes the Energy Drain to behave the same as a standard Beam firing cycle - it remains drained for all 5 firing pulses, then returns after the weapon stops firing.
  • Resolved an issue with the Romulan ship in sector space after completing "Sphere of Influence" which was causing it to spawn and despawn rapidly.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing players at certain level ranges from being able to use the weapons they received from Special Equipment Pack - Voth Antiproton Weapons:
    • Players at all level ranges will now receive an item they can use when opening these packages.
  • Audio is now present for the ramps unlocked with Fleet Spire Special project - Omega Molecule Research.


  • Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone:
    • You can now earn 1 Commendation every 20 hours from any of the following content:
      • "The Breach" queued event.
      • "Storming the Spire" queued event.
      • Completion of a qualified Dyson Sphere Battlezone mission.
      • Completion of any one area mission in the Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone:
        • An area mission is a mission granted by one of the central mission-givers in a neighborhood of the sphere, such as:
          • Joint Command, the Ion Stream, the Minefield, or the Supply Depot in the Allied Zone; or the Allied Border, the Industrial Area, the Wasteland, or the Voth Front in the Contested Zone.
        • This means that you no longer need to complete a lengthy daily mission to earn a commendation by participating in the adventure zone.
        • The daily wrapper missions have been removed as they are no longer needed to earn your commendation from participating in the adventure zone.
        • When a commendation is earned you will see the message "You have earned a Dyson commendation! You will be eligible for an additional commendation in 20 hours."
          • You will not see this message when completing the Storming the Spire or The Breach queued events.
    • Updated waypoints in the Allied and Contested Zones so that the text displayed when hovering the mouse over a waypoint on the map will tell which mission and submission it is associated with:
      • Examples: "Joint Command - Medical Emergency" or "Voth Front - Extract Special Forces."
    • Updated area missions in the Allied and Contested Zones so that mission journal text updates to reflect whichever mission objectives you've been given:
      • Example: If you are given the "Medical Emergency" mission, your mission journal text will explain this particular mission and what to do.
    • New arrows now appear above contacts and objectives for missions in the Adventure Zone.
    • New waypoint brackets display on screen for the location of a mission objective in addition to the standard waypoint displayed on the mini map.
    • Waypoints for area missions in the sphere are now colored green.
    • Waypoints for found missions in the sphere are now colored purple.
    • Dyson Joint Command has generated a computer map update that will allow your ship's computer to show HUD elements for your missions in progress in the Sphere:
      • You will see reticles indicating the location of a mission destination while you are far away, and a pointing arrow indicating the location of your mission when up close.
    • Contested Zone: Addressed an issue that could cause the U.S.S. Mumbai to not be in the correct position to offer the found mission "Clean Up Pollution" in the industrial area.
    • Resolved a typo in the "Supply Depot - Deliver Supplies" mission that would cause an interact button to display "Pad Three" instead of "Pad Nine."
    • Allied Zone no longer displays a control bar.
      • This was removed as there is no event or objectives tied to it as the allied zone is under full control of the allies.
  • Battlezone
    • New FX for battlezone powerups and command coins has been added.
    • Updated the art style of the waypoint arrows.
  • Winter Event
    • Resolved an issue which was occasionally rewarding presents incorrectly in the Winter Invasion.
    • Red Wintercoat Long Female Upper now correctly has a red belt.
    • Targ pups can now be activated in the Winter Wonderland.
  • Resolved an issue which was blocking progression in the Vault Shuttle Event.

Known Issues:

  • The Crystalline Entity may flicker from far distances in Crystalline Catastrophe.
  • Some KDF captains are not able to switch to all costume slots.
  • The Teamwork Trait is preventing teams from extra exploit damage.
  • Captains and all their information may not be visible in Gateway until logging into that character one time in game.
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