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# 1 escort captains - part 2
02-01-2010, 10:08 AM
other forum was archived and our great thread full of ideas is gone.

feel free to repost your


BO abilities you want with you


I am an engineer captain. I have found my survivability in an escort is exponentially increased. I figured what end game ship I wanted. I calculated that with the amount and rank of tactical stations I would have at least 7 BO powers available for tactical, so I did not need to provide anymore or double up on that by being a tactical career.

so now I have RSF on my captain and EPS on my engineer BO. Combine those with 100 power to shields and I tank easily spawns created by 5 man teams, would you believe?

I trained RSP on my engineer but there is no lieutenant station yet.

ALso i horeded by bridge officer points and spent them on the tier 2 skills, and some on tier 1. but not much on the ground side of things.

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