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# 1 Peanut Labs
01-04-2014, 01:04 PM
Can someone tell me how good they are, on average how long they take to do and how (or when?) does it give you Zen?

My friend wants to know.
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# 2
01-04-2014, 01:12 PM
Not used them myself, but from everything I've heard they are best avoided.
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# 3
01-04-2014, 10:05 PM
Make up a fake person and do the surveys... harmless, as there's no subscription required. However, only about one in ten will net you zen, but its deposited immediately. Slow way to earn it, but every zen I've earned with the surveys has been well spent in-game!
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01-05-2014, 06:33 AM
Don't waste your time with these bs won't even qualify for 3/4 of them and when you eventually get into one and 1/2 way through, your still disqualified....

Most players end up having to subscribe to something to get their zen, so if that is the true case, you would just be far better off spending $10.00 or $20.00 for zen if you need some real fast for something...
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01-05-2014, 10:17 AM
I have made over 2k in zen from the offers/surveys and will say it can be frustrating but doable. Yes, there are alot of bunk offers or ones that barely work but there are many that actually do work well. I will re-post what I stated on another thread.

They use a couple of different main companies. Peanut Labs and another. I suggest reloading the page until you only see Peanut Labs as they are the only ones I have had good luck with.

Also, before doing anything, turn off Adblocking. This will effect how certain things load.

For the Surveys:
Market researches are very precise when it comes to needing facts from certain types of individuals. The fact is, as honest as you want to be, if you attempt to be as honest as possible with them, you will fail. I am not saying to lie on anything but.. take it as you may. You can sometimes kind of judge what specifics they are after but it takes quite a few tries.

Now, for myself, I have found that I qualify about 1/3 of the time and even then I can sometimes finish and still says disqualify. DO NOT GIVE UP. When this occurs, I make sure to go to Transactions and hit Report Error explaining. More than half the time, it may take a day, but I have received the Zen.

Keep it up. That's the only thing I can really say. Remember your answers and all information specifically. let's say they ask for your birthday.. if you accidentally give the wrong date later in the survey, it will disqualify you. Yes, they are picky and you can and will be disqualified quite often but if you keep it up, it will work. That's not to say I spend hours and hours doing them. Actually I barely spend maybe an hour every 2-3 days or so just looking them over.

For the offers:
While I do the surveys when I can and I have done quite a few.. I also do the basic free offers. I personally stay away from ANYTHING requiring "billing" of any kind. You can sign up for Netflix or others but I, personally, never trust ANYTHING when it comes to marketing/advertising and refuse to do those and/or downloading a program. I did make an exception with a Cisco Webex offer but I also deleted the program after. Now, I stick to the low zen ones and sometimes, they work and sometimes they don't. I always, like before, report for any issues involving them.

If you get to an offer where you are only supposed to sign up with an email/name/ect and then have 5-6 pages of "offers" sometimes you can skip them and other times, just keep hitting no and continue or continue. try not to hit "Skip" if you don't have to and take it as far as it will go. Otherwise, it does not complete the offer.

There is one though that I like, it's easy but tricky. Xiaflex - you hit the banner on the website it takes you to.. then you click on the left link to enter the Xiaflex website and that's it.. it tells you nothing and does nothing EXCEPT, when you go to a different page, a "feedback" box pops up (if you have ad blocking off). THIS is the survey you do to get the zen.

So basically, they are painful, boring and sometimes frustrating as hell but once you get used to it and learn how to read between the lines and have a few random junkmail email addresses among other information, you can actually make a decent amount of zen. It just takes patience.

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