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# 1 Fleet High Times - Recruiting
02-02-2010, 12:13 PM
I'm setting up a fleet dedicated to those players who like a nice relaxed stress free game, The kind of players who spend more time wrapping up a fat one and searching for the munchies than getting stuff done.

I doubt this fleet will be known for its hard hitting pvp skills or feared by Romulins and Klingons alike but we'll have some good looking ships and throw some funky moves in Quarkes.

You can expect pore organisation and bad time keeping on my part but hopefully a good bit of banter and I'll always be happy to lend a hand or give bad advice, lol.

Send me a message or reply to this thread if your interested. As soon as I have 3 more members in one place at one time I'll get the thing up and running. I'm in the uk so generally work around that time line.

Blaze on.

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