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If you're an android, gynoid, cyborg, freed borg, sentient hologram, unified nano-colony, post-organic or just plain organic with an overwhelming fondness for cybernetic life, this is the fleet for you. Cyberfleet 01 is a proud new undertaking with the cooperation of the Daystrom Institute and Vice-Admiral Anthony Haftel, seeking to incorporate the burgeoning population within the federation of 'artificial' life-forms and intelligences, as well as organic life that has embraced convergence with cybernetic augmentation into the ranks of Starfleet.

I'm currently looking for the 5 people I need in order to inaugurate this fleet and get it officially started. This fleet is intended as an adults-only fleet for persons over the age of 18. Mature subject matter is likely to be welcomed and discussed in fleet-chat. I currently have avatar logos, signature banners and fleet emblems already made. (See: my avatar and signaure link) The play will be on a casual level, where we can help one another advance with the exchange of dropped items to those that need it, and the sharing of strategies and help with one another. Kink-friendly people are very very welcome.

Contact me in-game at Rosemund Six@WinterRose if you'd like to get together and help me get this fleet started.

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