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# 1 Unable to Authenticate
02-02-2010, 07:23 PM
First post, so hello all.

My issue is this:

I pre-ordered the game and had no problem playing during the beta/headstart events. I did not play for approximately 2-3 days, and today I went and picked up my retail box from Gamestop. I added the code to my account per the included instructions, which all went smoothly.

Now, I tried to login to the game, and I always receive the same error: UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE:

The client never says "what" it's failing to authenticate, I assumed it meant I was using the wrong password. This however is impossible as I can login to the website just fine.

Actions taken:
I have reinstalled the game 3 times now. Twice from the retail DVD, and once by download from this website. All installations have resulted in the same thing, UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE.

I googled the issue and only found one reference to it in which the affected user apparently just "gave the issue an hour" and it fixed itself. I have now been trying for 4 hours. This issue does not FIX ITSELF.

While I was waiting for this period of time to pass, I attempted installation of the game on my laptop. The installation itself was fine, and the game actually seemed like it was going to patch. Being that it appeared whatever delay in my account processing was now over, I went back to my desktop. Guess what, the error persists. Confounded, I went back to my laptop which now displays "Page cannot be displayed" on the login page.

I have tried changing my password multiple times to see if that would trigger a database update to allow me to login, but that has not helped.

My system:
AMD Phenom 9950BE 2.6ghz Quad
4GB DDR2 1066 Kingston HyperX RAM
ATI HD5870 Video
500GB WD SATA Hard Drive
Biostar 790GX AM2+ Motherboard
Creative Labs X-FI USB Audio
Windows 7, 64-bit

The game ran flawlessly (well, aside from glitches) during the pre-release phase.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it's now impossible to login to the game?

Thank you.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-02-2010, 07:56 PM
Bump for an answer.

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