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When talking to each person at the work camp -- Hiven is laying down on a cot in the barracks area, when you speak to him he introduces himself as Satra. I guess she's all growed up now ... turned out big .. and changed genders.
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05-13-2013, 05:40 PM
Another two missions in the bin.

Observations: Well the space distortion looked nice, and while in-game cutscene could have used more VO work for Tovan it was pretty effective. The music does sort of bring back memories of the Devidian missions though.

Huh, Sela is offering essentially Letters of Marque to the True Way to take down Republic vessels, interesting historical related sub-thread there. "Foolish Cardiassians, no wonder the Dominion abandoned you." Them's fightn' words, boy!

Second space section was pretty similar to the special mission you receive when you get 10 True Way Computer Fragments; not a mission one encounters commonly, but familiar enough to be recognized by veteran players.

Issues/Bugs: Mempa sector space star is invisible with astrometrics disabled.

After destroying the Elachi-ed True Way ship, Subcommander Nadel called me up to tell me to head to Mempa. I thought I was already there?

When warping out of Mempa, I had blue Fed warp effects again.

When I entered Eta Eridani block, Nadel phoned me again to tell me to head to the Eta Eridani sector block. Telling me to head to Donatu is helpful, but I'm already in the Eta Eridani block?

Observations: Surprisingly challenging space battle to start; if it wasn't for the singularity shield I would have been popped by the reinforcement ship. Very entertaining and I am happy to see *armed* transports for a change.

Site-to-side transport boarding was a nice change from the usual flow of ground maps. Nice "Red October" reference, although now I'm thinking about a Connery voiceover...maybe ADM Quinn would work? "The Klignhonshs arhe overwhealming our poshishions in Eta Aridani..."

I could sort of tell were the plot was going as soon as I warp into the system though. Still, this mission didn't feel tedious. Even if the writing isn't as strong in this arc as it is in the first, it's still good fun.

Issues/Bugs: On second transport, lower level, I could see a "Loot Critter" visible on the map. All ships should have one in my opinion.

Tovan whines about Charva on Transport 2 and 3, saying the exact same thing both times.
The blue warp trails seem to be a random occurrence, as I left my first visit to the public New Romulus map with green trails and just left again with blue trails.

After leaving New Romulus a second time, heard Denise Crosby give the "sector voiceover" for Tau Dewa for the first time. Nice to hear it, but I think Leonard was a better fit for these kinds of things.
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05-13-2013, 08:37 PM
Bugs in "The Price of Neutrality":
- Tovan Khev is a woman during a space dialogue
- Map on Chaltok doesn't display most buildings correctly

In "Memory Lane":
- There is background chatter on Virinat, the same from ESD
- Talem's bridge officers are wearing Romulan Republic uniforms

In "Bigger Picture":
- There is background chatter in the Mempa System
- Nadel tells me to go to Mempa after I destroyed the damaged Cardassian ship, even though I'm already there
"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured ... the first thought forbidden ... the first freedom denied ... chains us all irrevocably."
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05-14-2013, 04:00 PM
  • Memory Lane: Khev has some dialogue when you start the mission. It's given as one speech, but is written across two panels
  • Tradecraft: Some of the files you are given by Charva require guesswork to solve. Tal'Mera on Drozana can give you the correct information, but you're not prompted to go there until after you've dealt with all the files.
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05-14-2013, 04:12 PM
Wrapping up the arc, now with the May 13th patch inside! Which is somewhat meaningless as I finished the mission about 2 minutes before the shard was pulled down for the next one.

Observations: I would assume from the name that there's gonna (gorna?) be a lot of spy stuff in this one. Actually making a bridge set relevant to a mission plot is nice, it also gives the players an excuse to tour their ship and see all the DOFF stuff they can do on it.

"These weapons were being aimed at Romulan Militia Targets by Lortrix at D'Tan's personal request." WOAH. Talk about workplace violence. Probably a text oversight though, but that would be a monster development if played straight.

First part of the mission isn't too bad. The intel scavenger hunts are fun occasionally, but once or twice a faction is enough.

Second part has a somewhat truncated ground combat section that follows to a very enjoyable space furball. Although is it just me but isn't it sort of wrong-feeling that Mogai's and D'Deridex's, previously very frustrating ships in Fed and KDF campaigns are here very easy opponents that even T1 & T2 player ships can handle with ease? Let alone the same fate befalling Keldorns.

Resolution was as expected. It does seem like the Romulan Republic, the deeper you get into the story, is not the complex and non-idealistic construct it's made out to be early on, and has a much more cut and dry nature. Not that I didn't expect it would eventually get to that level, given the cutscenes for Fed/KDF characters for the early Season 7 stuff. But post-TMP Klinks or DS9-era in general this isn't!

Issues/Bugs: Tal'Mera, when asked to cross-reference the events of Virinat, refers to Sela as the "empress". Romulans don't need no steekin' Human grammar.
The blue warp trails still occurring with May 13th patch. But that patch is an ex-parrot now, isn't it?
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05-17-2013, 04:09 PM
I had trouble with "Bigger Picture". After the part where you decide to beam to the Cardassian ship,and Toban says I'm coming with you, my computer crashed. Then it happened again. The third time I went into it, it had skipped the part where I go aboard the Cardassian ship. I couldn't drop the mission, and now I can't replay it.

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