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# 11 Torpedo/ Homing weapons range
05-17-2013, 05:47 PM
Great Thread, as long as the Devs cn filter trough the gazillion suggestions/ requests!

So heres my one suggestion/request that i have in mind:

Short to Mid Term

Increased Torpedo/ Homing weapons range to 15 maybe 20.

Why? Gives the game more tactic choices, e.g. you can soften up ur enemy from far away, or in teams one player has a "long range weapon" vessel that supports from far away.

I guess there have been others who suggested that before, so i support that, it would give the game more deepnes.

Short to Midterm, since it has to be a lot of programing to actually implement it on the A.I. on the npcs, weapon stats etc.


P.S. Is there a thred where the devs actually write ehat they consider to implement into the game?

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