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Great Thread, as long as the Devs cn filter trough the gazillion suggestions/ requests!

So heres my one suggestion/request that i have in mind:

Short to Mid Term

Increased Torpedo/ Homing weapons range to 15 maybe 20.

Why? Gives the game more tactic choices, e.g. you can soften up ur enemy from far away, or in teams one player has a "long range weapon" vessel that supports from far away.

I guess there have been others who suggested that before, so i support that, it would give the game more deepnes.

Short to Midterm, since it has to be a lot of programing to actually implement it on the A.I. on the npcs, weapon stats etc.


P.S. Is there a thred where the devs actually write ehat they consider to implement into the game?
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05-17-2013, 09:19 PM
Short Term Request

1. Allow all Rear Admirals (Upper & Lower) to have one Hanger slot (Allow the C-Store ships to have two hangar slots or allow the Vice Admiral ships to have two slots). Ships such as my Reconnaissance Science Vessel (SOL Class) seems to have a runway in the back of the ship, but sadly I do not have a hangar slot. This would be great to allow the smaller ships to conduct missions along side me. For example, when I'm on patrol or exploring a system. I can launch the carriers and send them to scan an anomaly. Or send a carrier with a 5 man team to the planet to answer an emergency distress signal. Basically use the smaller crafts to increase the immersion of the game for all of us Admirals (and not just those Vice Admirals).

2. Create missions that force us Admirals to use our smaller craft. A mission(s) where we have to fly through asteroids or covertly sneak into and out of a planet. Again, use the smaller craft for more than just eye candy.

3. I understand that you're running a business and you have to make money, but I would like to see more freedom within our Bridge Officer slots. Why not have a total of 5 slots and allow us to fill them with whatever we want. For example it can be 5 Tactical or Three Engineering + Two Science.

Mid-Term Requests
1. More two ship missions. Similar to a co-op game where two Admirals have the same assignment and must combat through space and onto a planet. From there you can give to separate objective where we have to accomplish them in order for the mission to be a success.

2. Force more Fleet events. I'm tired of everyone spamming other players to join a fleet, only to do nothing within that fleet. Yes some fleets do have events, but other fleets do nothing but take up resources from there members.

Long Term Requests
1. More Carriers for all of the factions. And incorporate them into the game play. So that the game will not be space combat with large ships and ground combat. Create more small craft combat and or missions.

2. Keep up the good work. It took me a month & a half to reach Admiral (Lower half at the time of writing this), I enjoyed the progress. I didn't speed through it, but I was disappointed to see how limited I still was even at a Admiral rank. It's obvious Vice Admirals have all the perks, but why call everyone who's level 40-49 an Admiral if they are being treated like a glorified Captain?

3. If you really want to make level 50 (Vice Admiral) special, allow them to to have a sixth Bridge Officer and Two sets of Away teams (an away team per hangar bay). So that way they can deploy to sets of Away teams down to a planet while the conduct space combat. Only catch is they have to protect those small ships so they can make it to the planet. Then they have to stay busy fighting off the incoming ships.

4. Allow us to create our own ship interiors. You sell each of the pieces for zen (if you want) or credits. Then we can (like Lego) make our own by arrange the sections together. That way you dev's don't have to spend so much time making an entire interior, we'll do all the work.

In closing, use more hangars and carriers. I'm in love with them (can't you tell) and want them to play a bigger part of the game. I don't know how much C++ (or whatever coding language you use) you'll have to code, but please don't make the rank of Admiral Lower Half and Upper half seem like extended versions of Captain. That's been my biggest and only pet peeve so far.

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# 3723 New Romulas FIX!!!
05-18-2013, 05:54 PM
When I try to enter the new romulas system ( the federation embassy) my game freezes for an unknown reason. As far as I know this is either something client side or server side. pls tell me if u get the same problem. If u do get the problem and have somehow fixed it pls tell me how to fix. I REALLY NEED TO KNO HOW BE CAUSE LAST TIME I WAS ABLE TO PLAY I WAS ENTERING (or at least trying) THE NEW ROMULAS SYSTEM AND NOW WHEN I CLICK PLAY ON THE CHARACTER CREATION SCRREN MY GAME FREEZES LIKE IT DOES WHEN I KEPT TRYNG TO ENTER THE EMBASSY....I....CAN'T.........PLAY!!!!!! that is my only request.
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05-19-2013, 02:38 AM
all three for me is make the "options" actualy remember what you had until it is manualy changed by the player not because you changed zones as well as make them account wide rather than character unless a checkbox is ticked. plus a way to shut off help and pop up bullpucky. Nothing like doing a mission on the third alt and get hints every three seconds even if they are empty boxes because you shut them off supposedly. best is do like the start, if you already did it on another toon just allow an option to shut them off like the tutorial and make it work!

I have entered the options menue maybe 1k times just to turn "over the shoulder cam" off and i should have only done it 1 time for 4 characters. Thats just 1.
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05-20-2013, 04:58 PM
short Term
-> Addons to help new players, as a pluging that can be download at choose. thirth party or developers.

- one that can remenber your skillplnnerchoose from http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillplanner/, and have it on game as pattern. i know its not a deal to go to web eacht time, but... as a newbie, i put skills than cost my money to replace.

-one that can remenber where you go to do daily mission, this game its amazing but I get lost easy

- one notepad

-one that translate main UI, to spanish, and others. another that translate missions, antoher to traslate... other content. sepatated may be.

- one that can guide on crafting, what patterns have what they need to have, before go the main Crafter hub.
-one that where to see your income where come, and your spend goes.. accountant.

and many more ideas ...i knoe we can go http://sto.gamepedia.com and look but.. i think can be easy we can choose parts we need to expand.

that plugins that explain the game help to have more users.

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05-24-2013, 08:15 AM
Only one thing Missiles for all ships.
soo much cooler than torpedoes
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05-24-2013, 08:18 AM
I would like some elite stf's for romulan and tholian marks. Omega marks have many good stf's that can be played back to back. takes forever to get rom marks.
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# 3728 Suggestions
05-26-2013, 11:24 AM
Here are my suggestions.

Short Term
  • let Dreadnoughts spawn in Foundry missions
add the possibility to vessels to destroy or dammage the warp core of an enemy (warp core breaching included)
  • add the possibility to raise the shields of your vessel if you need them but not if you are not under attack

    Mid Term
    • make the ship bridges more cannon (regarding coulor schemes, bridge stations,etc.)
    add the possibility for the Long Range Science Vessel to execute the landing procedure like the Intrepid Class
    • enable authors of foundry missions to use eg the Intrepid Class Bridge if the player beams on an Intreprid Class Vessel

      Long Term
    enable authors of the foundry to create more realistic maps (eg. if the player?s vessel approaches a planet or a sun, the vessel is faced with radiation, nebulas which dammage a vessel or taking some of their systems offline and therefore appropriate measures to prevent your vessel from being dammaged or even destroyed)
add the Delta Quadrant; missions (especially explore missions) and races like Kazon, etc...included
[list]add the possibility to launch and to control your shuttle (if you have one) while playing your "main" vessel (shuttle hangar open and close)

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05-26-2013, 01:18 PM
Short term:
Caitian hair!, like M'ress had in the animated series, farasans should probably have the option as well.
Neutral ships: feregni vessels, cardassian ships, more variety!
holodeck scenarios/training missions, awarding mainly pure XP
more options for race customization, perhaps special things like tails and such for zen

Duty officers visible aboard your ship
more ship interior options
less combat more diplomacy kind of missions, startrek isnt about war. science officers should have more sciency missions, curing plagues, investigating anomolies, while engineering captains should have general trekky missions.
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05-26-2013, 02:21 PM
Short Term :

Fix Bugs and and improve QA process.

Several bugs had been identified on Tribble during the public testing phase but the delay between the test and release was so short, there was no way these could be addressed in time.

F2P does not excuse the kind of issues that occurred with the launch or LOR.

Mid Term :

Complete crafting overhaul with new materials (anomalies can still be used for the DOFF System) and maybe add vendors for some of those new materials to areas that are deserted (Risa, Vulcan, Andoria, Bajor, K7, Sierra 39)

Expansion of the Commendations to Rank 10. With each level above rank 4 giving a bonus (engineering commendation bonus could be a reduction in failure rate for the new crafting system, Military would improve DPS, Medical would help with healing rate).

But to balance the system, only 2 commenndations could be taken to rank 10, the rest would stop at 7.

Long Term :

More variety in missions when ranking up in reputation system (only 1 mission added per reputation level on New Romulus is honestly very sad). This would maybe lessen the appearance of grind for reputation.

Overhauls of zones like Risa, Vulcan, Andoria, Starfleet Academy (Academy should be for the tutorial only), Add Starfleet Command instead, DS9

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