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05-18-2013, 04:57 AM
Originally Posted by theindefatigable View Post
Please just...go sign up and get shipped off to Afghanistan. Oh, wait, I wouldn't want to inflict your kind on the rest of the soldiers there OR the Afghans. I'd settle for you just keeping your post count at 4.

As for the mission, I did find it to be a very brilliant, but disturbing, episode. I do wish some further options were given that permitted the player to avoid some of the more brutal actions required in the mission. If that would be difficult to implement or destructive to the storyline, a disclaimer of sorts and option to skip or to skip PARTS of the mission would be a great idea. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I believe, there was a controversial mission that involved permitting (and possibly joining in with) a terrorist to shoot civilians at an airport. The game included a disclaimer and option to skip. Not a bad idea here, I think.
They were being intentionally controversial though. This mission is honestly pretty meek by comparison.
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