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05-18-2013, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
No actually we do not need non-combat alts to be running around in Mk XII rep gear.

This proposal is about increasing faction identity, that's all

You gotta be kidding me. M.A.C.O. and Omega type XII means nothing to me. All of my bridge officers are in Adapted Maco (XII),Omega XII, and Standard Maco XII. Both of those armor sets are so common I normally run around in the Starbase uniform. In fact on my main character I use a mix of type 3 armors because the rest are so common. (Type 3 is a unlock once you have all STF missions and bonus done in Elite). Heck I would like to be able to tailor Type 3 armor onto my boffs as well.

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