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# 1 Klingons: a question.
05-19-2013, 08:52 AM
I've played STO since... November of last year, I believe. I first got into Kerrat by December.

Since that time, I've learned to recognize and accept an utterly undeniable and inarguable fact:


If you even attempt to dispute this, you're an idiot.

So... here's my question to all you fine Klingon PVPers; it is a question I have asked of Buh'ong, the Klink PVPer I possibly respect most of all of you, due to being unable to murder him, and his murdering of my self quite frequently:

Why are you guys still beating up on the team of ******* who don't know how to push buttons or defend themselves?


The quality disparity between Feds and Klinks is like a giant chasm. Klinks know how to cross-repair, Feds hoard their reps to themselves. Klinks know how to plan ambushes, Feds know how to... kill borg repair hulks, and that's about it.

Klinks are SO, SO MUCH BETTER AT PVP THAN FEDS, it's not even funny. It's like a no-holds-barred octagon match between Jet Li and Stephen Hawking.

Again, my question, reiterated: Why do you Klingons keep playing as Klingons, when it's obvious that Klingons are the best PVPers around?

You will face far more *challenge* and *difficulty* fighting AGAINST Klingons... so... why do you stay on the winning team content to harvest meaningless victories against INCOMPETENT opponents (the Feds, if that wasn't clear) when you could be scoring rewarding victories as a Fed against Klinks who are, on average, more skilled and effective than you are?

Klinks; do you honestly feel challenged, fighting the Feds in this game?


I didn't think you did.

Because I have felt what you have felt. In Kerrat, I have sometimes been moved to the Klink team.

Do you know what that feels like?

It's like being pulled off the front line of a very vicious war against a very skilled enemy, and suddenly being asked to beat some defenseless babies to death. Maybe some puppies with one leg, too.

That is what Fed pilots are, for the most part. Defenseless, pathetic babies. Maybe, MAYBE, 10% of them know to fight back. Maybe, MAAAAYBE, half of that 10% knows how to actually kill you.

Which brings up again, the question I asked previously:

Why are you Klinks still beating up on the defenseless incompetents of STO? Shouldn't you find a more challenging quarry?

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