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05-19-2013, 01:42 PM
LTS IF it's on sale I would say might be worth it if you plan to play for another year or two even if it's off and on. Also something that isn't mentioned is you also get access to a free android bridge officer who is hard as nails and hit's just as hard. They even let you have it in any career and gender you want too!

Here's the link to it:

The bonuses of LTS are very nice but it's not as huge as you may think, while the 1000 day ship is a good ship it's equivalent to a Rear Admiral ship so you will find many ships that outclass it for a fairly cheap price. The things that you will enjoy and notice more are extra boff slots, extra ship slots, free respec tokens and extra space in general but it's cheaper to buy them from the C-Store separately unless you have or plan to have a lot of characters.

As for the Legacy pack, easiest way to decide if you should buy it is by thinking, do I want all the consoles on the leveling up ships? I mean some are nice but I personally would only use 1 of them and you won't be spending much time in ships of lower rank unless you once again plan multiple romulans. Would you be using all the retrofit ships? If not then the Legacy pack is most likely not for you as it would be cheaper to buy them from the C-Store as ships are account wide.

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