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05-19-2013, 06:27 PM
Various things I noticed on my Romulan character:
  • Red alert warnings are still voiced by the Federation computer voice (ala Majel Barrett), as opposed to something Romulan. I nominate the voice for Subcommander Mivek (the lady who you gives you Romulan mark missions in the Tau Dewa sector block I think) to do the VO for a true Romulan faction red alert system. She's very stern and official sounding.
  • While in Federation space, when switching sector blocks, my Romulan BOffs are displayed with the Federation bridge background. Haven't tried Klingon space yet, but I imagine that a similar effect occurs there.
  • I changed the costumes on some of my BOffs to give them Romulan Republic uniforms, but going to the character select screen, my captain was flanked by a bunch of Hiven clones, instead of my full BOff set. It stayed that way with multiple relogs and when I restarted the game later on. Clearing my away team set, relogging, and putting them back again seemed to fix it, but it was weird seeing clones.
  • [FED allegiance] Default NPC non-away team BOffs contacts are now random FED BOffs, as opposed to Rom characters as before. (I don't have any FED BOffs on this ROM character.)

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