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05-17-2013, 11:33 AM
Well the Jem'hadar set has this:

Victory is Life
1% chance to strip one buff while using Polaron Weaponry

So something similar, like a 1% chance for something else. Maybe:

Tholian: 1% chance to strip a shield facing when using tetryon

Breen: 1% chance bypass 100 percent of shields when using transphasic torps (maybe up to to 5% or something, since torpedos fire so much slower than energy weapons)

Romulan: 1% chance to bypass 100% of shields when using plasma torps (again, maybe 5%)

Reman: 1% chance to apply thalaron radiation (kills crew) when using plasma torps (again, maybe 5%)

Aegis: 1% chance to reduce power to all subsystesm by 50% of current when using phasers

KDF Aegis equivalent (I agree new set here): 1% chance to kill X number of crew when using disruptors Honestly I don't know if that would be a good one. Maybe 1% chance to disable one weapon system?

As for the other non starfleet and KDF ships? Give them their own sets. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a rep system for your own faction, maybe one that starts at level one, so that when you get to 50 you could be near finished with the rep and get a Mark XII set, like a starter one, thats good enough but would be overshadowed by the STF gear and other "end game" sets, but could still give a fair showing. Throw in the andorian, caitian, gorn, orion, all of those into this as well.
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I think 100% bypass on shields is a bad idea for a torp proc. A bypass is an OK idea, but the ammount is too much. I also think not every set should have the same sort of bonus. For the Tholian set, I think the set bonus is too close to the actual tetryon proc. I like the breen set bonus you propose, but maybe reduce it to 50% (and have the proc not stack with the innate shield piercing). I think the proposed bonus for the Romulan set is a bit much, again crank the shield piercing back, but I also think it's not to the flavor of what it is going on plus it is shared with another set; I do, however like that thalaron proc idea. I also like that the Aegis and KDF equivalent buff phasers and disruptors respectively, but 50% energy drain is a bit much (even buffed polaron doesn't do that much to a single system); also aegis is extremely deffensively focused, so I don't think an offensive bonus fits.

Jem Hadar set (equipment set, this set mainly buffs offensive power and the 3-set IS an offensive power):
Victory is Life
1% chance to strip one buff while using Polaron Weaponry
(**only works on Jem'Hadar Vessels and Cardassian Galor)

Ferengi Marauder (weapon set):
Friends In High Places
Targets Self
0.5 sec activate
120 min recharge
Summoned freighter allows access to unique Duty Officer Assignments.
{**Only usable while in the Ferengi D'Kora)

Temporal Warfare (weapon set, the console buffs offensive power and turn rate, set bonuses debuff the same on enemies):
Set 3: Temporal Inversion Field
. . .
0.5 sec activate
3 min recharge
. . .
To self when equipped on Temporal Science Vessel or Temporal Destroyer:
+50% Flight Speed
+100% Turn Rate
+150% Power Recharge Speed

The Temporal and dominion ship consoles also form a set (in other words those ships actually have 2 sets)
It seems some bonuses are better than others. The dominion one can hurt your oponent if it actually hits, but requires polaron weaponry and doesn't activate a whole lot, so is a fairly minor bonus. The ferengi bonus is no help in combat whatsoever. The temporal set is an active power and gives you an extra edge up on your opponent (which will, at the same time, be losing speed and turn and power recharge rate). So temporal warfare seems pretty good, Dominion is minor, but still nice, and ferengi is no help at all as far as fighting goes.

I think the sets should play a bit into the racial traits and a bit to the set.
Tholian equipment set is a defensive set that reduces the effect of science powers and also gives an extra boost to shields, the 2 set bonus also brings weapons back online when they are disabled (which is useful vs Tholian attacks). My reccomendation is the 3set on a Tholian ship is to give it the equivalent of [Aux] on engines (25% speed and turn when engines are disabled)

As for the Tholian weapon set, the Tholian NPCs seem to use disables as much as drains it seems (I suspect they have phased tet that has a chance to drain shields [tet proc] or disable a system [pha proc]), and the set itself bonuses drains (through FlowCap) and tetryon damage, it also gives a bit of a science damage bonus and beam weapon accuracy as well as some shield power (which synergizes well with the equipment set). Some possible bonuses in that case: 1% chance to disable a system (pha proc) or 1% chance to drain power from a system (pol proc). A third option is a 1% chance to pierce shields (nimbus tet proc).

For the Romulan weapon set, I actually think it would be interesting to play off what the console is supposed to be: a piece of romulan ship EPS grids which gives a power bonus and some additional crit, with that in mind, a possible bonus could be +1 to each subsystem power per singulariity charge level (so full charge negates half of the innate power penalty of warbirds), I am concerned that might make it almost a required set, though. Given that, an alternate option is to have it buff the plasma DoT. the three options I see are that Thalaron proc that kills crew, or give it debuff to enemy weapon dmage (like aceton beam, but much lower amount) or speed (like eject warp plasma, but a much lesser amount)

For the equipment sets, the Reman and Romulan sets are nearly the same (only difference is one engine buffs attack patterns, and the other buffs maneuvers), and give the same set bonuses, so probably give them nearly the same bonus. They are fairly defensive oriented and the deflector adds a bit of stealth. I am thinking the special bonus should add another effect to covariant capacitance cell; make it add 1% resistance per proc or 1% stealth per proc (buff that cloak), or just give the 3-set on romulan vessels a passive stealth bonus. Again, as an alternative, have the plasma DoTs kill crew.

Aeigis: THis set is extremely tank oriented, even to the detriment of offensive powers by what the deflector has, and both set bonuses give extra tankability. SOme ideas for procs: when hit give a chance to proc a small shield resist (less resistance and smaller stack than what comes on fleet shields). Alternatively, give it a small chance to negate/ignore a weapon proc.

A KDF set would likely be offensively aimed (though like the Aegis is avialable to all factions, this one should be as well). I imagine it essentially being the counter to Aegis, so it would have bonuses to offensive science, and have some weapon power bonuses, the deflector and 2-set can also give an accuracy bonus, the 3-set bonus has a chance to proc a decrease in energy weapon drain that stacks multiple times. The special bonus on klingon ships could give a small innate shield piercing.

THe Breen set gives a bit of a bonus to power (power insulators on the deflector and EPS on the 2-set) and offensive science, and also gives a damage buff to transphasic torpedoes through the 2-set bonus and has a power drain in the 3-set (as does the console on the ship). I think I like the idea of the special bonus giving transphasics more shield piercing as per your suggestion, though the amount should probably be halved. An alternative is to give transphasics the change to drain a bit of power.

On a side note, that Ferengi Marauder set seems kind of crappy. The weapons are interesting, but the bonuses are all non-combat stuff (discount at vendors, and bonus commendation XP, plus doff assignments on a d'kora)
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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
Your ideas do bring something up: If Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan ships get a bonus, what about Catian, Vulcan, Andorian, Gorn, Nausican, and Orion ships?
One reason I exclude those ships from the suggested bonuses is that I am thinking partly of technological synergy. Really, slapping a few Jem'Hadar ship components into a Cardassian Galor shouldn't have as great an effect as placing those same high-quality components into the ships they were designed for. I'm honestly as in favor of removing the bonus from the Jeh'Hadar set for the Galor as adding it to the Chel Grett. Unfortunately, if they did so folks would forum riot; the point of any gameplay or equipment improvements, from a practical standpoint, is to make the company money so that the company has a reason to maintain and expand the game.

Personally, I also favor improving that which is lacking rather than nerfing that which is not.

The other reasons I excluded the other faction-specific ships are balance and potential for future content. From a balance perspective, most of these affiliate-faction ships already have some decent perks (though the Vulcan D'kyr in particular could use some love), and are often the highest quality ships available. At the same time, leaving them out of those flavor perks allows for sets from that affiliate-faction to be designed later on, as part of further content... or probably a Lock Box, though I favor the former.
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I agree, don't nerf what's good just to make it on par with the bad. Frankly the Tholian ships can use a little love in that regard, especially with the Tholian Rep coming up soon. To be honest, the ship abilities they do have don't really seem to work all that well, and not even at all in some of the STF's.

It would be nice if they evened it with some of the other lock box ships.
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Tholian web is pretty useful for probe duty in KASE, and completely nonfunctional everywhere else. Also the console on the Recluse is pretty crappy. Both of those need some loving on their own, but my primary concern was the fact that the lack of set bonuses don't leave those ships on the level of every single lockbox ship. The Galor got the Dominion set bonus so it could share in the benefits, and every other lockbox ship released besides the Tholian ships have similarly had a set boonus to sweeten the deal of getting them.

I do agree, I don't like to see the Dominion Set bonus the Galor, but that ship has sailed, and I definitely prefer to add rather than subtract (though some care should be taken to somewhat limit power creep).

I definitely think it would be great to have more/better synergy bonuses across the board. Klingon ships aren't too bad off in this regard since disruptors are a good energy type for team damage, and the special bonus of the elite fleet weapons makes them that much better, but phasers don't fare so well. Because of this, you never see Starfleet ships using them, which is very very odd (as much so as the fact we have Starfleet captians using the ships of other groups).

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