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I have been playing for nearly 3 weeks again, (I quit OVER a year ago) and noticed something and now it's starting to annoy me.

The biggest issue is, the stuff you "really really" want, the game almost forces you to buy off the Zen store.

Dilthium is the most valued commodity in the game and you are only allowed to refine 8K a day. You get ore which is useless until refined, hence the 24hr restriction to refine. DIL is used to buy nearly everything. If you want to get more then a days worth you would have to buy Zen with real money then convert the Zen to fake (DIL) money. (Hence the nearly FORCED having to buy Zen to get DIL.)

Some ships costs ZEN AND DIL. This makes no sense because now you are paying almost double to get something.

Lock boxes are dropped which need "master keys" which of course you have to buy on the Zen store, which costs real money. Or buy it off the exchange for about 1.7Mil EC a piece. This is obvious the biggest money maker in the game, and probably the biggest rip off due to the fact most of the time you get CRAP or you buy 10 keys at a time which cost 1200 ZEN which is ridiculous.

If you can deal with the insane prices for items and ships for the game, go ahead and play. If you can't afford to pay out the bucks don't bother to play. In all honesty. There is also no real advantage to subscribing. Why not even give people a discount off the store so now you are paying 15 dollars a month plus ZEN ? That is INSANE. Getting 500 ZEN a month is not worth it, as you would get that ANYWAY if you played the game for free.

When you join a FLEET you can get FLEET ships, but the only way to get THOSE is a FLEET MODULE. WHICH AGAIN OF COURSE you have to buy off then Zen store. (THAT IS A FORCED BUY. Don't tell me IT ISN'T).

They are 500 ZEN A PIECE. (That is INSANE). some ships need FIVE Modules. You can buy the equivalent refit ship on the ZEN STORE, to make it cost ONE fleet module but again it's half a dozen one way or the other, there is no difference. You end up paying the same thing.

So not only do you have to work your butt off in the game, you have to work your real job very hard and earn real money to play a game to earn fake stuff. It's become a very lucrative business this game and makes me more and more angry the more I find out how they nickel and dime you, and they set it up PERFECTLY.

This game is loaded with content now, but the way it's nickel and dimming you is insanity. It makes me angry I am having a lot of fun, but I become more angry as I find out what needs to be done just to earn things in the game.

Don't tell me it's the same thing if you paid 15.00 a month back in the day. You can spend well over $100.00 in this game in a DAY, then you did in a YEAR with other sub games. Still earn the same stuff.

How can NO ONE else be annoyed by this?

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05-19-2013, 07:03 PM
this game is actually the best F2P game there is..

nobody is forcing you to pay any real money to play.. everything can be obtained for free if you work for it.

think you are suffering from the need it now syndrome.
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05-19-2013, 07:04 PM
Well i must say i think some stuff like keys could be a bit cheaper too


in the end its really easy to get basically everything in the game without payout so much as a dime. Even the lobi ships are accessable via the exchange for in the end low prices.. okay its like 80mios but if you're at least modest in your play you can easily farm that in under a week if need be. ofc you cant get everything all at once for free but if you really set your mind to say getting a jey'hadar dread you can. It may take some time but you will get there eventually.. the better player you are the fast you'll get there. Also there will come a time when you did all the repu stuff and got all the items you wanted so you will have nothing really to spend your dili on except perhaps fleet projects or you can trade it for zen. Even with current high prices with 3 chars you can make 24k dili a day which translates into about 200 zen.. so even a vesta pack for 5k zen could be obtained in less then a month and with only about 1-2 hours of playtime each day.

in the end its a tradeoff between time and money.. some ppl like to get the stuff fast or dont wanna grind for it so they spend money and thus help finance f2p. Others take their time and they also get the stuff but it takes a while and some efford. Everyone can pick their comfort zone in between so you can grind half and pay for the rest or something like that.

and need well, it would be really nice if you really needed all that stuff i bought^^ but if we exclude high lvl pvp basically every mission, every estf even can easily done with mk xi or even lower stuff from the exchange for say 1-2mio EC and you do fine with that. Maybe not exceptionally well but good enough.

As for being a gold member, well, its quite useful to be gold while lvling a char, but most of the advantages of being a gold member stay even after you have discontinued your sub so really its more of a "pls support us" than a must have.

so YES some prices are a bit steep but in no way shape or form is it necessary for you to spend any real money on this game to achieve whatever your goal is, except for stuff like the 1000day vet ship but its not that great anyway.
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05-19-2013, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by aarons9 View Post
this game is actually the best F2P game there is..
LOTRO and DDO have really solid F2P models.
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05-19-2013, 07:07 PM
The Dilithium refinement limit is 8k per character, not account. I routinely earn and refine 15-20k every single day playing around 2 hours.

I have not purchased a single point of Zen since the game has gone FTP yet own every Fed item in the C-Store and several Fleet ships. I am not unique.

Beyond all that, there's nothing wrong with spending a few bucks on a game you like. Earning even 8k in Dilithium per day means you're refining 240,000 per month. At 135 per, that means you're making 1,700 Zen per month - which means you can buy 3 Modules for free, or 4 Modules and only need to spend $3.00 of your own money. Spending a few bucks a month to get an idem you want isn't unreasonable.
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05-19-2013, 07:09 PM
nafe is that you.. havent seen you in ages, good to see you again if you remember the old Locutus
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05-19-2013, 07:12 PM
Some people prefer to work long and hard for things as it can make it feel like more of a reward in the end. Or perhaps this is just me.
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05-19-2013, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by nafeasonto1 View Post
I have been playing for nearly 3 weeks again, (I quit OVER a year ago) and noticed something and now it's starting to annoy me.

The biggest issue is, the stuff you "really really" want, the game almost forces you to buy off the Zen store. ...
So what do you think is paying for the costs of F2P ???
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05-19-2013, 07:18 PM
You dont need any of the pay stuff at all. I am running around in my free vice-admiral ships with rep gear and am doing very well with it. The pay ships are nice, and fleet gear is definitely better, but you dont need any of it to be competitive in most cases. There are a couple of times when I've paid money for stuff, things like bank slots that make the game easier to play, but I could have bought that stuff with my dilithium and I just chose to pay cash because I felt the game is worth giving a little money. There are a couple of times I've felt forced to buy stuff, mostly the respec tokens, which I feel are unecessarily gated), but the overall gameplay can be played without any of the fancy equipment at no significant penalty.
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05-19-2013, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
nafe is that you.. havent seen you in ages, good to see you again if you remember the old Locutus
Hey man what's up yeah I am back in a cool fleet how are you?

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