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05-20-2013, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post

Veleen's going to be allying with the Federation, so I felt having her off-world contact be S31 would be fairly appropriate.

I'm thinking I might give her a Federation Ship, too. Her primary ship will still be a Warbird--thinking I'll go for a Mogai--but I think giving her a Fed Ship as a secondary would be a pretty good idea.
Nice, I thought mister Erda had something of Director Sloan about him. I am going KDF myself (essentially because I already have two Fed side chars, but also the Starfleet uniforms for the Romulans suck and look like my old bad fitting pajamas's). For my main ship I will go with a Mogai to. I think you should take a defiant as your second ship. Since it can cloak it is perfect for S31. My main Fed char is also caught up with S31, perhaps we can do a story arc sometimes.

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