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05-20-2013, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
Now that feds have both battle cloak and leech. Lets see how long it takes for both to get buffed.

Honestly, I'd say the rumors of the OPness of leech are greatly exaggerated.
The problem is a lot of people think it's the drain that's OP. Other than when it was broken last year for a bit, it's always been the gain. Getting +25 power to all systems w/synergy w/tet glider and polarons/tetryons is the OP part. At least raiders (which could make the most of it w/they're 3 sci slots, decent console slot layout) are squishy, have 1-2 less tac consoles, and use 1-2 less weapon slots (in some cases they'll have 1 less sci console slot).

It also negates the drawback of the Romulan BCs. They really should've capped the gain to 10 power and restricted it to Raiders.

The timing is what really is a surprise. Figured they'd given the KDF the summer w/leech b4 giving it to Feds to try and keep 1 of the few reasons to roll/ally KDF. Not surprising though it's a p2w game and Feds have the most payers .... er players.
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