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Right now, two abilities of Engineers are generally considered duds: EPS Power Transfer and Nadion Inversion. There are too many ways to gain a simple power boost, which is all that EPS Power Transfer does, and the DEM doff has obviated Nadion for most purposes. Heck, EPS Power Transfer has the same power level boost as the Red Matter Capacitor, but it doesn't even fix disabled subsystems like RMC does!

Plus, the Engineer in general has a dearth of team-oriented skills. EPS Power Transfer is the only non-fleet ability that can be used on teammates, but because it's only a power boost it rarely finds much use.

A possible solution? Improve EPS Power Transfer!

My proposal: EPS Power Transfer applies secondary bonuses from all EPtX abilities for duration.
Secondary bonuses' values are the same of EPtXs of the same rank. That is, EPS Power Transfer 1 grants the secondary bonuses from EPtS1, EPtW1, EPtA1, EPtE1, while EPS Power Transfer 2 grants the bonuses from EPtX2, etc.

So, EPS Power Transfer 3 would look something like this:
EPS Power Transfer 3
Cooldown: 2 minutes
Duration: 30s
+25 power to all subsystems (Scales with Starship Electro-Plasma Systems)
+XX% Power Transfer Rate (Scales with Starship Electro-Plasma Systems)
+16.6% all Energy Damage Strength (From EPtW3)
+30% Shield Damage Resistance (From EPtS3)
+25 Flight Speed (From EPtE3)
+XX Turn (From EPtE3)
+75 Stealth (From EPtA3)
+1.5% StealthSight (From EPtA3)
+XX Starship Graviton Generators (From EPtA3)
+XX Starship Particle Generators (From EPtA3)
+XX Starship Subspace Decompilers (From EPtA3)
Repairs all disabled subsystems

(Sorry, don't have the actual numbers for EPtW3 and EPtA3 handy.)

From a PvP perspective, this would finally give engineers an awesome team-castable multipurpose buff; throw it on an ally who needs that extra shield resist boost, or a science ship about to use his disables/pushes, or an escort going in for the kill. It gives a better role for Engineers in team settings, making them crucial parts of the team alpha or allowing them to swoop in and save a dying teammate.

From a PvE perspective, moar powah = moar fun!

From a RP perspective, this also makes great sense. EPtX is already a "More power to X!" command, and that provides the justification for its secondary abilities; EPS Power Transfer is supposed to be the Engineer's ancient secret forbidden dark magic technique of shouting "I'M GIVING IT ALL SHE'S GOT!" and gesticulating wildly, so why doesn't it provide the secondary bonuses that the EPtX abilities do?

I really wish something like this had come from the LoR addition; instead, we got the rather meh trait EPS Manifold Efficiency, and the even-more-self-focused trait of Grace Under Fire. Hopefully they'll revamp Engineers in a future patch; a poor Engineer can dream, yes?
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