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05-21-2013, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
I mean, before you could argue that you could use an engineer for healing and/or high sustained power levels, particularly with the LoR changes, but now...why?

I am serious about this btw. I mean, now ANYONE on any toon, can keep high power quite easily.
So the recap of the last few months is :

* Sub Nuke Doffs (previously a Sci power)

* Passives , passives and more passives .

* More ships w/Sensor Scan (previously a Sci power)

* Fromulans (Fed-Romulans) get Battle Cloak

* Blatant Power Sell with Traits

* Fed Plasmonic Leech

Bye Bye STO .
I used to know you . I used to love you . You're still superficially fun ... and I suppose you always will be ... , but on a deeper level I think it's time to file for a divorce .

p.s. and when someone shoves this many "goodies" into a Lockbox / Legacypack -- then there's me thinking that someone is really worried that LoR will be a flop .
STO will be out of Beta in another 2-4 years ???
... you know after another 3 story arc remasters, crafting revamp, skills revamp, PVP upgrade ...
*note : the 2-4 year guesstimate came out of comparing Cryptic's Dev speed and that of a snail . Sadly the snail won .

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