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# 1 Operation Gamma
05-21-2013, 06:47 AM
It seems there is no longer a forum for bugs and related stuff, so I try this.

In Operation Gamma, Fed side, you travel through the worm hole. There is a cutscene and my character sits in the chair next to Winters, not on it, but in it.

After you shoot up the device that stops you for entering the asteroid where Farek hides, there is a weird cutscene. I suggest remove that one. It holds on up on the action.

After letting Farek go, at the end of the mission. The Vorta is really dissapointed (that is the reason, I always let the Ferengi go, can't help it). On the German Language setting there is a placeholder text.

I know not really bugs, just small cosmetics things.

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