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>Please move to correct forum location where appropriate for this content if this is the wrong location - thanks!<

Please believe me, the following is not about ego in anyway! It's about helping those groups called pugs (pick up groups - or noobs as some people call them in their frustration) to minimize mistakes so 'everyone' in the game knows their - stuff!

Foundry Mission 'Infected Ground Training' (custom mission) is an EXCELLENT mission for showing both new and veteran people where NOT to cross over the timer line locations to save crewpersons. Once you know where not to go past - you can save ALL crewpersons and win OPTIONAL. There are tactics in here even some veterans don't know.

In the very start you have a guide (the author) who helps you through the entire mission. Be careful to notice his second 'icon' at the very start on the left after the first one - or you will not be able to bring down the force field!

Finally there is UN-limited 'jump time' at the end - the author helps you perfect your jumps. You should practice on the run and not on the run jumps all over the Queens room.

Not in the custom mission, but -- Did you know that you could knock Borg OVER the center rails if you're close enough and crouched down (press letter C) in front of them with a pulsewave? Did you know that you can circle a target while shooting Borg - they can not target YOU easily or at all? Just circle around and fire at the threat and see - this also keeps you alive longer perhaps when a teammate or two (2) are down. Circling works in all ground missions!

IMHO - Best weapon for ground Borg - Fleet base ultra rare Tetryon Split Beam (and a backup Mk XII pulsewave of any weapon type - highest DPS). Tetryon weapons take down Borg power levels the fastest of any weapon I've seen the game - you can see levels go down while you shoot them and they are LONG RANGE - no need to get up close. If you're going for optional, this weapon will help a LOT to get it. DO REMEMBER TO REMODULATE as the Borg can now adapt to any weapon in the game! (A fleet team of 5 all had the tetryon split beams and we used it and laughed all the way from the beginning through the Queens room at how easy it all was!)

By the way ? Beam weapons (some others) are 'smart' weapons - they find targets faster than you can see them. No need to stop, look and point at a target - you can just fire and you will see how fast beams pick up your targets and by doing this the beams show YOU where the target is! People will wonder how you are getting targets so fast. Most of all - YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR PART OF A SEAL TEAM - Yes > that GOOD! I've seen people actually stop and look for targets I am already hitting! Smart weapons are good in any ground mission. Saves you time, keeps you alive longer.

Queens Room:

Do not setup turrets that shoot - medical/healing turrets are good. While turrets that shoot are great everywhere else, they simply wake up the entire room already full of Borg you may not be able to handle, depending on the experience of the team.

Some teams with tons of weapon power and knowing what to do and when - as a team can/will setup turrets - IN FLEET runs, but I do not recommend them for most 'pug' runs.

Do not go past the first ramp to be level with the Borg - YOU will aggro (wake up) the entire room of Borg and you will not survive it.

>Best way some already know to take down the Borg in the Queens room:

1. > Choose a weapon that will reach the Borg from the ramp and not loose it?s power - again the Tetryon Split Beam weapon will reach with no loss of power. Pulsewaves lose their power trying to shoot more than 5 meters!

2. > Once ALL are in the room - shoot at the left, then right platforms and then take down the Borg in the CENTER.

When the above is done STOP SHOOTING! I say again - - WE STOP SHOOTING! - - IF YOU'RE NOT SURE - STOP SHOOTING! Y?

Jumpers do not need to get shot while jumping. If you shoot after your fun hard work - you wake up the Borg in the back! THERE IS NO NEED TO DO THAT - just like all Star Trek episodes THEY are asleep - so let em sleep! Just relax and do nothing! Let the jumpers go and do the platform fields.

The platforms are on a timer! Borg will reappear on the platforms if you take too long - and the timing is lost and have to do platform(s) all over again - this takes away patience (perhaps after 2 times not following this plan) and some may leave to try again with another team.

3. > JUMPERS - DO NOT SHOOT ANY BORG at all while on the first 2 platforms - just get the field down! If you're fast with platforms, you can finish 2 long before any new Borg show up!

Check with the other 2 jumpers and/or simply HEAR THE SOUND that tells you someone clicked the 'sequence' then hit yours! DO NOT MOVE until the UPDATE button is clicked. You may miss it and lose precious time! Experienced people can move and do the update.

4. > When jumpers are on the second platform - those (2) NOT jumping can shoot the 3rd platform - where you know jumpers are going next. Eyes on each other as the rest of the Borg in the room will wake up and shoot - you may need to get each other up (Borg may begin to beam in the center).

JUMPERS - DO NOT LEAVE THE SECOND PLATFORM yet! You can fire on the 3rd platform after the field is down before you leave where you are - again keeps you safer and alive! Less worry or mistakes when jumping!

5. > If someone falls in the plasma do NOT immediately try to get them up. Y? If you do rez them up and they don't make it - they get MORE injuries! Injuries they can heal WHILE THEY ARE DOWN. You can heal while you lay down in any ground mission.

Ask them if they are ready to get up. When ready to be helped up know where you are going to go and keep JUMPING to get there once you're up - you spend less time in the plasma.

Whatever your play in Elite Ground Infected - do it as fast as possible, but control yourselves! Some get in the shoot mode and begin to forget they have more than just a weapon in hand. USE EVERY RESOURCE IN YOUR WEAPON BOX as soon as you can if the Borg are attacking in large numbers - or not.

Finally, you have your favorite weapon(s) - but they may be holding you back in terms of being a better player, so try every weapon you can get your hands on - see what takes em down best.

Please don't let ego mess up the team in Queens room. Try not to yell at someone for a mistake, you are only human - just adapt!

Thanks for reading.
<Dev's > Programmers; please try not to change the fun above - for a while? <grinning> and my personal thanks!

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I have a question for the Space missions and using a Science Captain: would using Photonic Fleet or Fleet Support be useful?
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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
I have a question for the Space missions and using a Science Captain: would using Photonic Fleet or Fleet Support be useful?
yes. especially since they are fixed now (didnt test them, so I am only citing the patchnotes). tho make sure not to spawn them when there is a rule to follow (they can mess up low dps groups' 10% rule)
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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
I have a question for the Space missions and using a Science Captain: would using Photonic Fleet or Fleet Support be useful?
Be careful with those; they might aggro an enemy you're trying to avoid. Or destroy something before you're supposed to.
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05-10-2015, 02:19 AM
As someone who can be called a Noob to borg STF's am trying to find a team that I can join or other Noob's to create a team to run through all STF's, ground and space.

Starting in normal to get used to the run throughs and then moving onto advanced.
Have found info around run throughs useful but now need to actually run them.

PM me if you have a team or if you want to join me karun@gybon42


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