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05-21-2013, 01:11 PM
So, I was reading this in the patch notes:
1) Increased the benefit of RCS Accelerator consoles.
- They will now provide a benefit closer to what is indicated by the tooltip.
- This is a larger change for slower ships with RCS Accelerators than ships that already had a fast turn rate.

2) Increased the turn rate bonus on the Tachyokinetic Converter in the same way that RCS Consoles were recently updated.
-This will benefit slower ships with the console more than faster ships.
--The tooltip is unchanged.
-The behind-the-scenes math has been altered to make the effect closer to the tooltip that is displayed.

3)Increased the Turn Rate bonus given by the Starship Impulse Thrusters skill.
- This will benefit all ships with this skill, but slower ships will see a larger bonus compared to what they were previously seeing from the skill.
-This is similar to the recent change to RCS consoles.
Was the turn rate changes on 2) and 3) not on Tribble before?

I'm curious to know how much of an increase this will end up being. On Holodeck pre-patch, my Fleet Defiant was getting a turn rate of 42.7 with an RCS MK XII purple, Tachyokinetic, 9 points in Impulse Thrusters (are there any equipment that boosts this? I don't think i had any...), and engine power level at 52.

Since I'm at work, I can't see for myself. But, I'm really hoping I can push that turn rate closer to 50! Especially with that new lockbox trait. So sexy...

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