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I noticed the Nukara reputation projects don't give the 140/340 dilithium like Romulan and Omega reputation projects do. There's also not a project to trade in 50 Nukara marks for 500 dilithium like Romulan and Omega. Why is this the case?

EDIT: Please read post #4 in this thread. This appears to be a serious bug.

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05-24-2013, 09:36 PM
So, since I made this post, 340 dilithium has been added to the 2000 rep project, and a "trade in 50 marks for 500 dilithium" special project has been added. Thanks for that. However, the 800 rep project, "Send Supplies to Nukara Strikeforce", at least at T0, grants no dilithium, while its counterparts in Omega and Romulan rep grant 140. Is this an oversight?
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05-24-2013, 09:46 PM
Actually, I'm starting to think there's some kind of bug for Nukara projects. I logged in a character who is T0 and all projects were displaying no dilithium rewards, the "Ongoing Strikeforce Aid" project was missing, and the "Exchange ____ for Nukara Marks" projects were rewarding 0 Nukara Marks. I switched to a character who is T1 and all projects were displaying dilithium and mark rewards normally except "Send Supplies to Nukara Strikeforce", which was displaying no dilithium. Then I switched back to my T0 character and all projects were displaying exactly as on the T1 character, and the "Ongoing Strikeforce Aid" project was back! Something's wonky with Nukara projects.
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05-24-2013, 10:20 PM
Screenshots and bug repro steps:

So far I can only successfully reproduce this bug when I close the client completely, log in fresh, and then log in my T0 character, Janara. If I log in my T1 character first, this doesn't happen!

Image 1: Logged in to Janara, who has no Nukara rep. As you can see, both of the rep projects provide NO dilithium, when they should provide 340/140 respectively.

Image 2: Still logged in to Janara. The "Ongoing Strikeforce Aid" project gives no dilithium when it should provide 500. The upgrade project above it gives no Nukara marks when it should provide 50 and does not return the Nukara set shield as it should.

Image 3: Switched characters to Eklinaar, who has 6000 Nukara rep, enough to get to T1, but has not yet run the T1 project. The rep project he's currently running displays normal rewards.

Image 4: Eklinaar's upgrade projects and "Ongoing Strikeforce Aid" project display normal rewards.

Image 5: Switched back to Janara. I have done absolutely nothing else in this gameplay session other than perform the steps outlined in this post and take screenshots. The top rep project displays normal dilithium rewards, but the bottom one displays none, when it should display 140.

Image 6: Janara's special projects display normal rewards.

I don't know if this is a display bug or something more serious. I'm pretty sure when I completed the first two rep projects on Eklinaar, I got no dilithium for that, but I have no logs or screenshots to confirm that. I could try reproducing this bug on an alt, but that would take a day to run the project. Any suggestions for how to proceed? Is this enough detail to fix this bug?

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