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# 1 My LOR Bug Report
05-21-2013, 03:49 PM
Here's a short list of bugs I've detected since today's launch:

  • Extreme lag and rubberbanding across all maps, with side order of screen freeze.
  • Constant SNR (Server Not Responding) error messages, some lasting +90 seconds.
  • Maps take forever to load; load screens stuck at low % for ages.
  • KDF ship costumes gone and unable to restore from saved files, or even redo from scratch.
  • Instant frequency remodulation FXs gone, both sound and visual.
  • Warpout/transwarp nacelle trail and flash visual FX gone.
  • Unable to delete mail.
  • Sector space map zoomed all the way in and locked that way.
  • In sector space, when setting a course for any system, ship will not stop at chosen system but fly right past it.

NOTE: I found none of these bugs on Tribble during any of my test time there.

I will be editing this post with more bugs as I find them. Feel free to add your own.

Husker - RugBurn
Zaan - Mel'Kor - Zarek

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