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05-22-2013, 11:09 PM
A nonhumanoid serpentine...centaur...thing...entered the room through one of the doors, the being was a member of a species that achieved Warp 1 travel just a few months ago, the creature was still very uncomfortable with the transporter technology or "Suicidal regeneration booths" as it prefered to call them, something about being reduced to energy made the being uncomfortable. the nonhumanoids skin was covered in some form of body suit which obscured whatever face it may have, it was not used to the environments humanoids called home. the creature waved its four tentacle like arms in greeting to the humanoid occupants of the bar.

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Elessedil looks up to see the new alien species step foot inside the Captain's Table. He smiles, and steps from his table to meet him.
Hello, sir, and welcome to the Captain's Table. I've read the reports on your species' warp travel. It's great to see another species come to interstellar travel. I'm Vice Admiral Elessedil, Battle Group Omega.

He raises his hand out, and pulls it back. No way to shake his, uh, tentacles.
Embarrassed with no way to express somatic greeting, he waits to see how the centaur-serpent will reply.
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05-23-2013, 06:44 PM
A sharp voice cleared her throat from behind the ginormous entity blocking entry to the room.

Captain Minase Iori was most bequested by Kha to attend this meeting as the Yamato was currently docked at ESD for turning over MACO deployments. Normally the Admiral himself would appear at a Captain's Table meeting but he was tied up with an epohh tagging party going into overtime and he still got Tholians to shoot on Nukara. Which was odd considering that Kha used to avoid away missions like the plague.

Considering the strangeness going on, she was beginning to see why he abstained.

Despite her years at the top of her classes at the Academy, Minase gave the blockage a small berth. Small Japanese women have had a long running history with tentacles after all.
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To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

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Captain Strannik stood and went over to introduce himself to the new being as well. It seemed he wasn't going to get an answer to his question about the music--at least not yet--but this new individual seemed quite interesting.

Being non-humanoid wasn't so much of a put-off to Alexei Ivanovich as it could be for some humanoids. By the strict definition, he himself didn't qualify as humanoid; his Devidian form's resemblance to the humanoid form was a matter of convergent evolution rather than infusion with the Preserver genome. And there was also the fact that, in his natural form--assuming any but a few could get past the terrifying knowledge of what his species was capable of--he had virtually none of the standard facial features, and no ability to replicate the standard facial expressions that made up so much of the humanoid emotional display repertoire. He could gesture, yes, but for many humanoids that wasn't enough.

It was...well...creepy, and Alyosha unfortunately knew it.

For him, though, there were other options open, to help him make a connection to the stranger--after all, when one's own species relied on other means, as far as he cound determine, then he could apply those abilities here.

His telepathic abilities weren't all that strong, and barely functioned at a minimal level without deliberate concentration. Still, he hoped it might be enough to get an idea of the being's frame of mind and intentions. And perhaps even answer the gender question. With humanoid minds--and Devidian minds, too, there was often a certain "feel" that gave him a clue as to gender.* There were outliers, of course, making it less than 100% reliable, but it often helped where visual cues might not.

He also focused his neural energy detection sense upon the alien, but found the resemblance to humanoid neural energy only passing. With no baseline for the being's metabolism and neurological patterns, the results were inconclusive.

So too was his telepathy, except for a vague sense of tension, which could be anything from illness to discomfort to simple nervousness. And no indications of the being's gender, or if it corresponded to the two humanoid and Devidian genders.

Still, he approached the being. He didn't want the poor individual to feel isolated because of species differences.

He nodded respectfully and gave the appearance, in his human form, of a small, nonthreatening smile. Then he said, "I'm Captain Alexei Ivanovich Strannik. You can call me Alexei Ivanovich, or if Strannik is easier, feel free to use that instead. How would you like to be called?

"Also..." He took a risk here, but hoped it would come across as polite interest and not as an inappropriate question. It might or might not yield an answer on the gender question, but it might at least give them some appropriate terminology. Maybe he'd get a pronoun, but a name or title would do as well. "What is the appropriate third-person terminology to use when I refer to you in conversation with others?"

[OOC]I have taken some creative license in my stories and given Devidians the same two genders that other humanoids have despite the inconclusive evidence of sexual dimorphism. While others are free to write them otherwise in their stories, for the purposes of Alyosha Strannik, while he has no attraction to humanoids since his species is so different, other than his nonresponse to humanoid sexual advances, please treat him as male in the traditional understanding of the term. [/OOC]

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The alien beings facemask projected a simplistic holographic smile "I thank you for hospitality, The universal translater is having difficulties with my name, the best aproximation would be XikJal, I am here to observe your culture so that my people can best prevent unfortunate misunderstandings. You are parts of the federations Space Military? what exactly is Star-fleet.

Telepathic analyses of the being revealed that its mind was at least partially artificial in composition yet the artificial portions of the brain appeared to be modelled after humanoids, it would be hard to guess, but despite having just discovered warp-flight the beings race had advanced understanding of cybernetics and biotechnology, and the artificial portions of its brain were designed to allow it to emulate human behavior better, almost like a computer emulating another operating system. no clear gender identity could be determined from close examination.

"So far, I am quite impress by what I have seen, your starships are much larger, and your artificial gravity is awe inspiring"
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While Alyosha did catch a hint of something that might be artificial through his neuroelectric sense, his telepathy wasn't strong enough-or perhaps just not effective enough on a non-humanoid/non-Devidian to give him much else. At least it didn't seem like this being had the too-regulated neural patterns of a Borg drone, so that offered him a bit of reassurance.

He noted that XikJal had provided a name, but no gender. He wondered if that meant the question was taboo, or if the concept was simply so alien that either the being had no gender at all, if XikJal's species had more than two, or if the species was even one of those where the individual's gender changed over the course of the lifetime. If XikJal said nothing, though, these questions would be best left to Starfleet Medical to answer. Such discussions might be culturally inappropriate--not just for the alien, but also not fitting in his own culture for a public venue like the Captain's Table.

Captain Strannik instead turned his attention back to XikJal's reply. "Thanks. And yes," the human-disguised Devidian replied with much less hesitancy than he might have at the Academy when it was considered rather passe to refer to Starfleet as though it might actually go into battle, "Starfleet is the Federation's military. We also carry out exploration and research missions, but the political situation in the quadrant has required that we place our priorities on defense of ourselves and our allies. Our role as a military may be more true now than it has been for centuries. But again...that's for defensive purposes, not for expansionism.

"As an organization, Starfleet does have a unique, shared culture, thanks to our training, and the fact that we live and fight alongside each other. The Federation--to an extent--does as well, especially the humanoid species, since there are so many with such great similarities. But there are still cultural variations between planets, or even regions on some worlds."

Alyosha glanced at the other Starfleet officers in the room. "Maybe the others here would like to share their perspectives."

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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Alyosha glanced at the other Starfleet officers in the room. "Maybe the others here would like to share their perspectives."
OOC: I'm going to change my guy's text to something lighter.
Elessedil ponders the question for a moment, and he reaches a mental stop as he nods his head and switches his eyes from XikJal to Strannik, and back again.

I agree with Captain Strannik. Exploration and research have always been the focus of Starfleet, and the Federation as a whole. Defence is only applied in times of war, or if the occasional pirate brigand comes to the outer colonies. In the sense of gaining territory, governments who wish to ally themselves with the Federation, or even become a full member of, will expand the borders of which the Federation can operate.

Looking over the last sentence, it seems that it could be inferred that the Federation integrate species into their own gov't. Eleesedil searches for the right words to keep that from happening.

O-of course, when applying as a Federation member, it's to be kept note that the original government and its laws are not superseded by the Federation's standards. The charter is more along the lines of... an extension to the local politics.
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With perfect timing, Vice Admiral Remus Lee beamed down to continue the conversation between Strannik, Elessedil, and XikJal.

"What my esteemed colleagues have said is correct. Those who join the Federation do so of their own volition; even then, it takes a grueling process before a potential applicant can join the Federation, or even Starfleet," he said.

Lee signals for a case of Trixian bubble juice to be beamed back to his ship before leaning at the bar next to Captain Iori. He took a swig of bubble juice before continuing.

"Not that to say the Federation is perfect or Starfleet is infallible. Our commitment to mutual cooperation is seen as weakness in the eyes of many of the species that border the Federation, while other galactic powers see the Federation as an obstacle in consolidating their own ambitions at the costs of anyone caught in the crossfire. The actions that Starfleet officers take in the service of the Federation are bound by the Prime Directive, but even if we bend it in the course of a mission, we make sure that the safety of Federation citizens is as paramount as our commitment to broaden our horizons. If you want to learn more, I can tell you more about combating Federation enemies later," he added.

Finishing his bottle, Lee switches out the surveillance device he left behind for a new one before beaming out with the rest of the bubble juice stocks.

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Walks up eating a cookie, and peers over your shoulder. Then walks away...(trips over a conduit) tumbles across walkway <cat noises> runs for it. "This thread is too dangerous!!" =O.O=

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As the conversation went on, another figure entered the room. The newcomer was a male of medium height and build, with blue-grey skin and a hairless skull. The uppermost portion of his head was lined with numerous smoothe, vertical depressions, and a pair of bony ridges ran across either side of his head just above his long, flat ears. His blue-green eyes had a distinctive silver tinge to them, and he wore the black-and-ochre uniform of the Starfleet Engineer's corps and a captain's pips.

Arkos Nair noticed the brewing conversation as he walked into the Captain's lounge-- a Human Vice Admiral and a Captain were having a scintillating discussion with some sort of omnipedal cyberreptilian. He figured he would leave the diplomatic discussion to more experienced hands as he headed over to the bar. Right now, he just wanted to forget about his troubles over a glass of something suitably alcoholic and mind-numbing.

"Saurian brandy, with ice," he ordered.

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