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Anyone have the lobi + lockbox tal shiar console set infos?

I know the cruiser and destroyer each come with a console...together it seems they are indeed part of a new console set...anyone have any info on what the console set powers do?

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05-23-2013, 03:31 AM

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The set is made of both consoles plus the Tal Shiar Adapted Borg Warp Core that both ships come with.
Originally Posted by Wiki
Utilizing this Warp Core in conjunction with both of the consoles found on Tal Shiar Adapted vessels will result in additional Exotic Particle damage being dealt to targets of most offensive science abilities.
See it here and here. For example, particle damage is stuff like warp plasma or tractor beams.

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I posted the one ships warp core and torpedo console here -

Sorry I am too lazy to help out the wiki.

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