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05-22-2013, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by crasym View Post
My Romulan KDF aligned has access to every kdf ship that my klingon does.
Incorrect. Your KDF-aligned Romulan does not have access to T5 KDF ships, only the lower tiers.
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05-22-2013, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by crasym View Post
Don't follow your reasoning. My Romulan KDF aligned has access to every kdf ship that my klingon does. Being Romulan just allows for MORE ship choices, any romulan ship or any ship allowed by the faction that character is allied with.
As stated no tier 5 which means the only carrier not from a lockbox the Romulans have accrss to and only if KDF allied, are the Dacoit at Subcommander and the Corsair at Captain.

The Orion Maurader Flight Deck Carrier, the Voque, the Mirror Voque, the Karfi, the Orion Retrofit Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser, the Fleet Voque, and the Orion Fleet Retrofit Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser are all forbidden to the Romulans, which leaves over priced Recluse and Jem'hadar carriers for the Romulans and far from thematic forvthe faction, and ironic, given that the Scimtar's fighters have been in the game for awhile now.
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05-22-2013, 07:12 PM
More dil .
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Simple put the community, on ESD a new player asks a question in Zone chat and responses like "If you don't know you shouldn't be playing" and "Stop spamming Zone chat" are typical yet on the KDF side 12 people will answer the question with some even offering to help a player through the missions.

The community on the KDF are a lot nicer and friendlier and I have made many friends on the KDF by just chatting and helping new players out. Only friends I have on the Federation were friends before I started playing this game.

So while there are some decent people on the Federation, there are far too many that aren't decent and so the overall community of the KDF are a lot nicer and friendlier. That's a big reason to play the KDF and align Romulans with the Red side. Not one of my Romulans will be going blue, they are all destined for Red.
Support the Game by Supporting the KDF, equality and uniqueness for all factions!
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05-23-2013, 05:31 PM
The beauty is that you can play a Romulan AND join the KDF!
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05-23-2013, 05:53 PM
Not sure what you mean by tier 6 ships but regardless even if they were superior to the KDF ships good luck trying to bring any of that to bear when my bird of prey or raptor flies circles round the slow ass warbirds.

Plus do you seriously think that we are going to literally jump ship so quickly because more shinies are in the game? The KDF player base has put up with and stuck together during worse times. We are not some shallow feddie going ooo shiny every time we see an asteroid. That and my character is 3 years old I wouldn't abandon him for anything.

Oh if you want the short answer itsb because the KDF is awesome both in terms of lore and story and background and in the community. Plus someone has to save the quadrant while the federation sits around doing nothing.
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05-23-2013, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by qjunior View Post
Why play KDF ? Isn't it obvious ? To find out how far those ridges really go down......


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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Ground: self explanatory. Just look at what they get.
Question: When you did your new traits up, how many ground traits did you choose?

Ships: All romulan ships have 'tier 6' type design. You simply cannot compare the performance of an = tier KDF and romulan ship.. its a gap in performance as vast there is between a Fed Nebula and Fed Vesta.
Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores so far seem better than Singularity Cores. And Romulan ships all turn slow compared to their cross faction rivals, and have subsystem power issues that I don't find all that much fun micromanaging.

I'm not convinced their ships are better at all.

If that wasn't enough, we see the talshiar lockbox ships are literally making every tier 5 kdf ship obsolete when it comes to cruisers and escorts.
Those ships are still inferior to the JHAS. And everyone can fly a Tal'Shiar lockbox ship. So, meh.

having the 'tier 6' design at end game
Tier 6 is a misnomer that needs to end right here. Right now. Tier 6, if it EVER gets made, will follow the same design rules every other tier followed. That means another fore weapon slot on each style of ship. And another device slot possibly. Along with more across the board stats on hull and shield strength and the like. None of these ships are Tier 6 and calling them that is just going to confuse the entire issue.

Call em Tier 5+ or Tier 5.75 or whatever. They're not T6.
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05-23-2013, 07:01 PM
Answer: "FOR THE GLORY!"

In all seriousness, more race choices, Jackal Mastiffs, more fighter choices, Contraband stealing Advanced Orion Slavers, and so on.
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05-24-2013, 12:57 AM
It has to be said again: Female Orions.

Looking around the ranks of the KDF, I could swear that the military is made up at least 75% of female Orions.

So, did the Klingons conquer the Orions, or did the Orions let them believe they were "conquered?" Also, the Empire doesn't need stupid 'ol Risa when we got Orion chicks running around.

Now we have female KDF Romulans with those insane miniskirts

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