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Okay everyone, one of the problems with the new "Preset Philosophy" is that, thanks to removing trait selection from character creation, you have no idea what traits a career is eligible to choose for traits. Sure, you know you get the ones shown, but what can you actually choose once you enter the game, rank up and/or respec?

Well, since the list is nowhere to be found in character creation, I'm going to do the work for you. Consider this my feedback on what is missing from character creation as well as a public service. Cheers!

So the first thing to be aware of is that there are actually a set of 12 traits that your choice of career will determine. Each of the three careers has 2 Space and 2 Ground traits that are designed to directly support the intended role of that career; you will only be eligible to take the 4 traits that coincide with your chosen career. The traits determined by species are listed on a separate thread here: Romulan faction eligible traits - Species.


---EPS Manifold Efficiency Batteries <and Emergency Power abilities> give a secondary boost to all subsystems.
---Grace Under Fire Taking Damage can reset the recharce on Miracle Worker.

---Nanomolecular Architect Provides fabrications with +Res(All) and Regeneration.
---Shield Harmonic Resonance Being attacked gives you +Res


---Conservation of Energy +Exotic Damage
---Photonic Capacitor Reduces Photonic Fleet Cooldown

---Field Researcher +Damage to Debuffed targets
---Medical Vanguard Your Buffs and Heals now also strengthen Shields.


---Crippling Fire Your Critical Hits reduce your target's Accuracy
---Last Ditch Effort During Go Down Fighting, +Res from attacking

---Situational Awareness Grenade powers you use will expose their targets.
---Strike Team Specialist Attacking targets gives +Crit Chance

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