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1 - is that if you change the style of any Jem'Hadar ship entering the system is charging 750 unmodified zen and the same problem happens with any ship mirrors.

2 - when entering PVE event your system crashes completely and you have to try several times, and throws a window that says again engage ---- leave the window is not common.

3 - Filters window to select PvE see if land or space are not working correctly

4 - no pet for Jem'Hadar ships in any of the shops

5 - a chat window team creates many join and then not let any other player invite your team
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05-24-2013, 09:22 AM
I can't help on the others, but I can on number one;

I have a normal Vor'cha Refit. I was getting the same thing and it turned out that for some reason it was automatically trying to change the windows from Type 2 to Type 1 and charge 750 Zen (I guess for whatever ship the Type 1 windows come from or something, I don't know) for them.

Check to make sure it's not trying to change your windows or anything else in addition to what you're actually wanting to change.

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