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# 1 A job well done
05-24-2013, 08:29 AM
I've been playing STO for a while now and have seen the up and downs of the content, server issues, and pvp balance.
I wanted to take this time to say how impressed I am with the new and first expansion: Legacy of Romulas.

The port and polish that's been added was instantly seen and appreciated. I love the new UI boxes only displaying the heads to allow for a more detailed interaction too.
All in all, I think you devs deserve a pat on the back especially considering how many of the players are Free-to-Play.

One of the reasons I quit playing World of ******** was that I would've had to shell out around $65 just to be able to reach top level with the rest of my guild (to pay for expansions)
My hat goes off guys! Keep up the great work!

Oh, and take the complaints with a grain of salt. Some people would complain about a Porshe being "too fast".
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# 2
05-24-2013, 08:42 AM
I don't know about too fast, but it is quite dangerous. So much BHP and all...
It was a joke

I too would like to tell the whole team responsible for the game that although not everything is good, and despite many issues and things that sometimes get on your nerves, the end result is very good and in overall this game - in my opinion - is great.

Thank you!

P.S. This is not sucking up, is telling people their work matters and is appreciated.
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# 3
05-24-2013, 09:11 AM
I've been off and on with the game since Beta, and I can finally say with a lot of pride, THIS expansion made the Lifetime subscription worth every penny. A solid story, some excellent new planets to wander around on. I can only hope that someday the other planets with groundside social areas get a New Romulus/Nimbus III makeover, even if it isn't tied to a mission or story. I might even play my Klingon more if I could hunt saber bears on Kang's Peak...

The new warbirds are very unique, and make the Romulans feel like something new, not just a copy with a new skin. The new warp core/singularity core mechanics add some new flavor to the mix.

It's just damned well done.
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05-24-2013, 09:15 AM
I really like the flow of the new story line for the Romulans. I like that it takes place before new romulas was found (of course). I think you did a great job at it. I hope to see more soon.
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05-24-2013, 09:17 AM
Its nice to see that you appreciate their work. thanks

Originally Posted by fmgtorres1979 View Post
I don't know about too fast, but it is quite dangerous.

P.S. This is not sucking up, is telling people their work matters and is appreciated.
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05-24-2013, 09:30 AM
Ditto, really. I've been around since beta, and have put in about 90min on the new Rom char and another 30 on an existing KDF char. Wednesday afternoon EDT (as expected) the queues were +2hrs long so I couldn't play, but early mornings and yesterday evening there was no queue and no lag for me. And the new polish and the intro-Rom storyline (so far) has been really really good. I wouldn't mind y'all adding a server or two either, but call me a happy (paying) camper overall.
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