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05-24-2013, 03:25 PM
Del Rio: alright admiral I'm putting all my ships on red alert as of now. If tey are as deadly as you say. I'm also placing the weeping angel my prowler in that system on full combat alert. And will be prepping a battle groups in all my command.
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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Sam: The Republic is the most sophisticated and advanced vessel we ever built! If the Synthesisers get a hold of that information--!

Ramez: They could formulate a defence against the Zero-point cannons. Those are our only advantage over them save numbers!

Alright, I'm satisfied that we need to do 2 things.

1) We need to send a whole Task Force into the Lanco System.

2) We need to relieve the Republic and ensure its computer are not compromised.

Sam: 3) You need to drop me off at Lanco.

Ramez: Samantha--

Sam: I know how she thinks! You need me on the frontline!

Ramez: She can get into your head, Sam! We need a level-headed commander out there. Where she's involved, you CAN'T be level-headed! You've proven that!

Sam: Fine!

*She stands up and walks towards the other side of the room.*

I'll go myself.

Ramez: Sam!

*Sam is beamed out immediately.*

*R.S.S. Republic.*

Matt: Dammint!

*The Bridge lights are out as Matt sees the Dor'kat'a fighting off 2 Synthesiser Cruisers. Lopez is manning T'mar's station.*

Lopez: They're on Decks 5, 6, 7, 24 and 25!

Matt: Keep them out of Engineering!

Lopez: Aye sir!

Matt: Mitchell, how long till you can get our shields back up?

Mitchell *Over comm*: Not soon enough! I need to purge the virus from our computers. It seems to be a combination of Republic code, Iconian code and something else I've never seen before!

Matt: Do it!

Mitchell *Over comm*: I can't! The Computer Core locked itself down when we were boarded! And the bugs locked me and my staff in Main Engineering!

Matt: Wait, if they wanted to get to the Warp Core, why would they lock it down and trap 50 combat-trained personnel in a very defensive position?

Where are the Synthesisers focused?

Lopez: Decks 5 and 6.

Matt: Why? What's on Decks 5 and 6 except...

Junior Officer and Family Quarters.

The twins...

*Deck 5. Sam 2 walks through the corridor, a few phaser burns in her vest, though there is know damage to her actual body. She turns a corner and sees T'mar standing in the middle of the corridor, with a Phaser trained on her.*

T'mar: That's far enough.

Sam 2: Come on sis, you don't seriously expect to hurt me with that do you?

I have Sam's memories. I have her secrets. Don't think you stand a chance.

T'mar: Shut it.

*T'mar pulls the trigger, the blast burning a small hole in Sam 2's vest but again, doing no damage to her actual body.*

Sam 2: Don't say I didn't warn ya.

*T'mar ramps up the setting before firing again. This time Sam 2 dodges and hits a dampener on her ankle, deactivating the phaser. T'mar drops it and gets into a fighting stance.*

Give me a break! You're only 2/5ths Vulcan T'mar! You're not half as strong as you think you are. Just back off before I make those kids suffer for your overdeveloped sense of heroism!

*T'mar punches her across the face before grabbing her by the throat and pushing her into the wall. Sam 2 breaks free before punching her in the abdomen and grabbing her knife, stabbing T'mar in the leg before pulling the blade out and putting her into a neck lock.*

What did I say?

Matt: STOP!

*Sam 2 turns around to see Matt standing in the middle of the corridor about 10 meters from her, completely unarmed. She lets an affectionate smile creep onto her face before it turns into a sinister smirk.*

Sam 2: Matt.

Matt: Sam.

Sam 2: Where's my counterpart?

Matt: On leave.

Sam 2: And I was looking so forward to seeing her again.

Matt: Let T'mar go.

Sam 2: Why should I?

Matt: Because you're getting a much more valuable prisoner.

*He steps forward.*


T'mar: Captain, don't-!

Matt: Stand down, Lieutenant!

*Sam 2 drops T'mar and she collapses to the deck, cradling the stab wound in her thigh. Sam 2 advances on Matt before placing a transporter tag on him.*


*Sam 2 looks up at him.*

I do this, and you don't harm any member of my crew. You let my ship go.

Sam 2: Of course.

*She steps away and Matt is beamed out. She walks towards T'mar's Quarters.*

T'mar: YOU SAID--!

Sam 2: I said I wouldn't harm your CREW. I didn't say anything about the children.

*30 minutes later. Matt is sitting on the floor in a large room. It's the standard Synthesiser holding cell: large, empty, no entry points from the inside.

The Children are in a lab, being cared for while they're scanned. Another Synthesiser looks to Sam 2.*

Synthesiser: Why don't we just kill them?

Sam 2: Because we need them alive.

Synthesiser: They're humans! They won't rest until we're dust!

Sam 2: They're children, Danta. That makes them a very powerful weapon.

*She walks toward the exit.*

And their Guardian makes them very effective bait, like Captain Forrester.

*10 minutes later. Sam 2 walks into Matt's Cell. The two look at each other for a few moments.*

Sam 2: Well?

Matt: Why?

Sam 2: Why?

Your little targ of a wife through me into a Warp Core and beat me into a pulp. She's left me for dead TWICE! You ask me why I hate her?

Matt: You bought it on yourself.

Even so, why attack the Republic?

Sam 2: Because!

You are the biggest threat to my people. You've spent the last decade trying to wipe us out!

Matt: We DEFENDED ourselves at DS61! You held the MOCC Staff hostage and threatened to kill them!

Sam 2: And what about 5 years ago?

Matt: That torpedo was NOT live and you know it! And Sam was defending herself at Iconia!

You also tried to wipe out Earth when you were allied with DeSalle! You are NOT the victims here!

Sam 2: We are PROTECTING ourselves!

Matt: That's why you went straight after the twins? Don't play me for an idiot, Sam! You know me better than that!

Sam 2: I am not like that weak pathetic pile of garbage.

Matt: That's what I mean. You're trying to bait her to come after you! It won't work, she's too smart for that!

Sam 2: Wanna bet?
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*The Republic's position, 2 hours later. The ship has recovered and the Vanguard Shuttle is nearby.

Deck 5, T'mar's Quarters. Sam walks in to find T'mar standing at the window. She steps closer, cautiously. T'mar tightens her fists.*

Sam: Sis... I'm sorry.

T'mar *angry*: Where... the hell... were you?

Sam: T'mar--

*T'mar snaps around.*

T'mar *angry*: DON'T!

Every time you've needed me, I have BEEN there! Where the hell were you?!

Sam: Don't try to pin this on me!

T'mar *angry*: Why the hell not? You're the one who took them!

Sam *angry*: Don't you DARE compare me to that psychotic, sadistic little b--!

T'mar *angry*: Just SHUT UP!

Sam: I didn't do this! This wasn't me!

T'mar *angry*: This was EXACTLY you! ALL OF IT! You and your little hatred for her!

Sam *angry*: Don't get self-righteous with me, sis! I am so SICK of your Vulcan holier-than-thou attitude!

T'mar *angry*: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disrupt with your little quest, AHAB!

Sam *angry*: T'mar, stop being an idiot, for a change!

T'mar *angry*: You've spent the last 5 years hating her, just like she hates you!

Sam *angry*: I am NOTHING like her.

T'mar *angry*: Really?

You're a killer, a sadist, a psychopath. You said it yourself.

Sam *angry, denial*: That was 10 years ago!

T'mar *angry*: You're a monster.

Sam *angry, denial*: I'm not that person anymore!

T'mar *angry*: With everything you've done recently - Drake, your Synth duplicate, and Tara - maybe you haven't changed as much as you delude yourself into thinking!

*Sam tenses her fists.*

Oh, and let's not forget the genetic characteristics from your dad...

Sam *anger*: You little--!

T'mar *angry*: "Angel"!

*Sam lets out a yell before slamming T'mar to the deck with a right hook. T'mar gets up, green blood trickling from her mouth before Sam throws another punch. This time T'mar catches it and punches Sam with a right hook, still holding her fist as the other side of her body falls. T'mar slams her foot into Sam's side before pulling her arm, getting a cry of pain from Sam before releasing it and picking Sam up, taking another swing. Sam ducks below it before tackling T'mar to the deck and punching her several times in the face. She then grabs her neck with her left hand, pulling back her right to punch her in the face with everything she's got, blood now trickling from T'mar's nose. They're both panting heavily.*

T'mar *angry*: Go ahead.

Sam *angry*: I think I've made my point... *contempt* sis.

T'mar *angry*: If your point was that you're just Daddy's little girl who can't take the knowledge that he's nothing but a traitor...

*Sam tenses her arm, glaring heavily at T'mar (put it this way; if looks could kill, T'mar would be atomised by now).*

...and who's spending her time pretending nothing else matters except her own peace of mind because she's so pathetic... then yeah, you succeeded, "Angel".

*Sam yells as she hits T'mar again, pulling her arm back for another strike.*

Sam *angry*: DON'T CALL ME THAT!

T'mar *angry*: I'm sorry, was that reminding you of your traitor of a father too much?

Sam *angry*: You UNGRATEFUL--!

*She hits her again.*

My parents raised you when yours died, T'mar! We were raised together! We even called each other SISTERS! Dad put so much on the line for you and you...?!

*She yells again as she swings at T'mar's face a third time, this time the hit being caught. T'mar now grabs Sam's left arm, pushes it off her throat and rolls Sam onto her back before letting loose her own barrage of punches. Once Sam's (probably shattered) nose is bleeding, she grabs her neck and pulls her head up, slamming it back into the deck.*

T'mar *angry*: You wanna talk about ungrateful?! How about the fact that I stood by you for all those years, never once asking for thanks, and then when me an this ENTIRE CREW need you here more than EVER you LEAVE on your own little personal WALKABOUT?!

You little hypocrite!

*She goes to punch Sam again before Sam catches the blow and punches T'mar across the face. T'mar rolls over onto her back as both are now panting faintly. Neither one has the strength to get up. T'mar lets out a small laugh, triggering one from Sam.*

Sam *faint*: You... you asked for it.

T'mar *faint*: So did you.

Sam *faint*: T'mar... he LIED to me.

My entire life... I thought he was a hero... and then I learn that he was a traitor...

I couldn't handle it... and it bought back the memories of what DIS did to me. I couldn't handle it... I still can't...

T'mar *faint*: So... you ran... as if that would just make your problems go away...

Sam *faint*: That's not... what I was doing...

T'mar *faint*: Yes... it was.

Sam *faint*: No... it really wasn't.
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05-24-2013, 04:59 PM
OOC: So, where is the Dresden right now? Did it go kablam?
Originally Posted by askray View Post
YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.
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*Adjeca's ship, His lab as he is going over the scans of the twins...*

Adjeca: Incredible... The spice altered their neural systems, their brain scans unlocked more active sections of the brain... Their Newtype powers are unaffected... But something is odd... I need to speak with them.

Lab Assistant : Sir if we understand human biology they are barely a year old their speech patterns...

Adjeca: Their bodies are saturated with spice... so something is going to be different and our job as a scientist is to find out...

Lab Assistant: Yes sir.

Adjeca: *When the assistant leaves, he pulls up scans of the genetic line they come from.. Even bringing up their Great Grandfather* Fascinating... How is it this line is so ample for chaos and change...
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05-24-2013, 05:15 PM
*A voice comes to Sam 2 and Matt.. It is the hologram projection of Adjeca as bug forms walk along the wall..*

Adjeca: Sam I will speak to this prisoner... Proceed with the plan...
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05-24-2013, 10:33 PM
Del Rio: admiral I can't tell you what to do but I will tell you this

Del Rio stands preparing to transport out

Del Rio : if the UNSC finds there base of operations I will authorize the use of nova tactical warheads. I'm sorry but see no other option. They have attacked our ships and if they are as dangerous as you say we can't risk a prolonged war on two fronts. If you need me you know how to reach me.

Del Rio beams back onto the infinity bridge

Serina: sir battle group Everest is on station and awaiting orders sir.

Del Rio: we will meet at the ps 291 system.

The infinity soon goes to slipspace
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*A voice comes to Sam 2 and Matt.. It is the hologram projection of Adjeca as bug forms walk along the wall..*

Adjeca: Sam I will speak to this prisoner... Proceed with the plan...
*Sam 2 walks out.*
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05-25-2013, 08:30 AM
Del Rio looks out the viewport on the bridge as they travel through slipspace. Thinking of what he has learned and what his next course of action will be. He reads over the latest report of Coles. A victory but once again at a heavy price.

Serina: admiral we will reach the battle group shortly

Del Rio: thank you serina.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
OOC: So, where is the Dresden right now? Did it go kablam?
OOC: It should still be with the Freedom and Excalibur.

In other words, ask Allen.
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